With all the technology that exists in the world now, especially in regards to the Internet, computers, cell phones, and other outlets used to access the Internet, the world just seems like a smaller place. Because of the existence of technology people from all over the world are able to converse at any given time or moment, in large groups or privately, depending entirely upon personal preference. Simply the notion of this is really quite overwhelming. Growing up in this day and age realities


like this are simply taken for granted, but when actually thought about, thinking about the possibility for the entire world to unite on any given day is utterly astounding. The ability to talk with or communicate with any individual anywhere across the planet, so long as they have access to the Internet of course, but nonetheless, almost any individual anywhere on the entire planet is quite a feat to have accomplished for the entirety of the human race. The things going on around the world are no longer limited and restricted simply to the area where they are directly occurring, but instead now are impacted and impacting on a global scale. People from all over are able to interact with and contribute to the on goings of the planet. No matter how fact-of-the-matter this technology is, it is still bewildering and astounding.

skypeOn a personal scale, my girlfriend who is not currently taking classes over the summer, and therefore is not currently in New Brunswick at Rutgers University, is not someone who I get to see face to face on a daily basis. But at the very least through the use of the Internet I am able to see her face every day. Utilizing things such as Skype along with online games, movies, and other things we are able to keep in more than just contact with one another, we are able to interact with one another, and this is something that I am truly grateful for and have really come to appreciate. More so than just the internet though, there are also things such as texting and calling which can be counted as technology that are still highly relevant to today as well. Although telephone calls have been around for a good amount of time the development of cell phones and the functions they provide and the constantly increasing number of utilities that they provide all serve to help make the world a smaller (feeling) place. There are game leaderboards that span across the globe, online chat rooms, MMOs, and plenty of other things that can accessed now from more than just a computer, but on your cell phone as well. Technology is constantly and endlessly expanding its reign on human life and is serving a role in making the world a place that can flow with a sense of uniformity across the entirety of it rather than simply fragments of life spread across its surface.

In another personal example, I have lately been interested in an online game with a large number of players spread across the world (though I have had limited time for this since the start of summer session). Although the server that I play on is limited mainly to North America, I still chance upon players from all across the world. My initial assumption when playing with these people is always that they are from somewhere in the United States, and even more so probably somewhere nearby because the thought that they are playing from possibly the other side of the country is still a baffling concept to truly understand. They seem to be right beside you, yet in reality they are across the continent or even on a different one altogether. This is another perfect example of how technology really does work towards making the world seem like a smaller place where everyone, no matter where you are, can interact with one another. Another peculiar thing about this game though is, that even though there are millions of players, and there are only ten somewhat randomly selected players in a match at any given time (assuming you are playing alone), you still might chance upon someone who you already do know purely on a stroke of luck. Furthermore, in a few chance instances, my friends from Texas who play this game randomly ended up in games with my friends from New Jersey with no interference from me and no intention for this to occur. This really does remind me that “it’s a small world after all.”