Going through this Introduction to Multimedia course I’ve come into contact with lots of new, or I suppose somewhat old, technology that I’ve never had the fortune of experiencing beforehand. I’ve always been sort of a PC person simply because of the lower costs of the products and I’ve never really had a reason to explore the world of Mac users; ergo, I never really fully understood what all the “rave” about Apple products really was. However, with access to Mac laptops and a class based around them, through this class I’ve really had an opportunity to first hand experience some of the reasons why people might prefer Macs to a PC.


This is the first time that I’ve actually attempted to utilize some of the features of Apple software where I’ve had the opportunity to actually appreciate and attempt to capitalize on the conveniences programmed into Apple software. I realize that although in this class the only Mac exclusive program we really used was iMovie, there were a few other small, but notable things I noticed while using the Mac.

For one, the touch pad seemed to have many more uses than simply moving the mouse. It provided multiple shortcuts which made it much easier to multitask, alternate windows, switch screens entirely, among other things. While the touch pad did lack a right-click button, which often threw me off, it did instead allow you to place two fingers on the touch pad, then click, which effectively did the same thing as a right click. Furthermore, if the lack of a right-click really does so much bother you, you can always get a mouse.

In the case of iMovie, when we first were introduced to the assignment, I had always heard that editing videos and movies was quite a pain in the rear. However, iMovie had a really simple and intuitive UI which made it really easy to use and learn. Although it was restricted to use on a Mac, and the files were foreign to PC computers, the simplicity and effectiveness of the program were somewhat astounding to me.

Moving on from the new experiences with Mac related products and software, I also had never before taken files from YouTube because I’d always imagined the process to be complicated. However, after using the “Good Old YouTube Downloader” add-on found on Mozilla Firefox, it occurred to me just how simple it was to take files off of YouTube. Then using the FLV converter the files were easily changed into all different types of files. This made doing both the video essay and podcast assignments much much simpler. Because of the simplicity of this process, the arduous part of the task simply became finding quality material on YouTube.

mic on fireAlthough technology does come with great benefits and rewards/conveniences, it also has the capability to provide many inconveniences and complications. For instance, in an endeavor to record for our podcast project (our referring to myself and my project partners), our microphone would not cooperate with us no matter how hard we tried. Multiple times we had to unplug and then re-plug in our microphone to try and force Audacity to recognize it. Then we had to alternate between mono and stereo as our output while constantly scanning for new devices to try and find the microphone, then when the microphone was finally found, after a single attempt at recording the microphone would have some sort of error or issue. In the end we resorted to using another microphone and everything went well. So of course there are simple solutions to these problems, but at times these things can be very aggravating and stressful.

Something that kind of strikes me as ironic is that without technology, of course there would be no glitches or any issues in technology, but with it, people instead of simply appreciating it and understanding that there will be issues, complain about the issues as though they should not exist at all. I’m not really sure if that could be considered ironic, but it seems somewhat of a fallacy to me about the progression of technology in modern day society. Anyway, that’s besides the point. Essentially, through this class I have come into contact with a lot of different forms of technology that I had not previously encountered, and coming in contact with these technologies has really enlightened me as to how far technology has progressed despite the fact that I am growing up in the midst of all this technology and development.