Is it just me or does it seem like technology has created gaps within families? Maybe my family is just a really bad case of technology addiction, but it seems like the majority of my family, more especially my mother, centers her life around technology. So, my mother has all the techy toys (iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Macbook, etc…), and it seems like all she ever does is play on her phone or computer. She is highly addicted to Facebook games, and that is ALL she does all damn day long, even at work. My sister is the same way, but not as bad because she has a 4 year old and a 2 year old, so she cannot spend all her time on the internet. Everyone in my entire family has a Facebook, including my 75+ year old grandparents. My grandfather has an iPhone and an iPad, and my family thought that he would be able to figure it out how to use it, but no their brains just do not work that way. I had to sit there and teach him step by step on how to use both devices, and now that he knows how to use them its all he ever does, besides falling asleep in front of the TV in his living room. My dad is the only one who really doesn’t care about technology unless its a television. My dad is a farmer and he actually had to drop out of high school when his dad had a stroke in order to take over the business, so he pretty much follows the old ways of living.

old people technology

So an average day in the life of my family, before I left for college was like this: My entire family works in the family business. So I went to school and stayed after for cheerleading practice and my family worked until 5pm. We get home and sit around the table to have dinner. I would get yelled at for texting on my phone during dinner. Then when we were done eating I would head to my room to do my homework and watch TV and just hang out. My mother would go into her room and either watch TV or read a book and my dad would go into the living room to watch his westerns or swamp shows. Now when I go home, we usually go out for dinner. My mother will be on her phone throughout the entire meal doing god knows what, and I yell at her to put her phone away. When we get home my dad goes into the living room to watch his television like he used to, but mother now sits on her bed for hours with her laptop on Facebook, while watching one of the 5 billion shows she recorded that day. That women spends hours and hours on Facebook, it’s all her and my sister do at work too, and they leave the actual work to the couple of employees that we have that are not family. While she is doing that my father sit alone watching TV with only the cats and dogs to keep him company. So when I go home I usually sit in the living room with him, not caring how stupid or redneck I think the show is that he is watching. But my father will actually sit there and have a conversation with me while watching TV. If I go and talk to my mother while she is doing her nightly routine of Facebooking, she gives me attitude, so yeah I try to avoid that.

technology ruining family

Another story is that every Sunday night while my mother’s parents are home from their annual winter hibernation in Florida, they host a family dinner. Anyone can come, they just need to know a number so they know how much food to make. So I went to one about two weeks ago and my aunt and uncles were there and my cousins and my sister and her children and all I saw was something like this:

texting at the dinner table

Everyone was on their damn cell phones. So i’m just like what the hell is the point of a family dinner if we aren’t even going to speak to each other. I find it odd, that I am probably the most technical person in my family and I am the one that is bothered by this. Maybe it is because technology takes up about every aspect of my life, and when i’m with my family I actually want to spend time with my family. So during family time I usually end up playing with my four year old nephew the entire time, because he is the one that talks to me the most how sad is that! I’m actually curious is this happens in other families or I just have a family full of technology addicts.

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