Years ago writing was a learning process in itself. As you write you would get stuck along the way trying to use a word that illustrated the idea that you were forming. If you couldn’t come up with that word you would look in the dictionary and look up a word that almost met the criteria, look at its synonyms and the definitions of those synonyms until you came across the word. Eureka! By then it took a chunk of your time away trying to find this word but it didn’t matter because along the journey looking for this word you learned maybe ten more words and its definitions. This process happened even in reading. Instead of looking for a word you would look up a word that was unfamiliar to you and learn its definition and maybe even synonyms and as you read if you found more unfamiliar words you would continue doing this until you understood the word.

I remember when I was younger I would do this technique all the time. Normally, I’d go to the library and pick books that were above my reading level so that I could learn new definitions and use them in my writings just to impress my parents and teachers. Unfortunately, this experience has been a vanishing memory. Today writing has been so  much easier and convenient for us. We have the Internet and mostly Google to look up words we are unfamiliar with and instantly we get a definition and sometimes synonyms. As Google stated in one of the articles we read during the first week of class, it is trying to become an artificial brain and it is becoming just that. The troublesome part is it is hurting us more than helping us and its not only Google its all the programs and softwares that are provided to us that is supposedly helping us become better writers.

When I use Microsoft Word , Pages or even texting sometimes I get so annoyed with autocorrect. I can say it is mostly when I am texting because when I am texting I am not as formal as if I’m writing a paper or an email to my professor. Although I have recently decided to become less informal than I usually am because I have noticed my writing diminishing. I’ve also decided to let go of autocorrect as well because sometimes I find myself trying to spell words that shouldn’t be an issue. I’m sure many people are going through this same dilemma. Some people may think it’s not a big deal using auto correct or other programs while writing but if they tried writing without these programs, I’m positive they will see the big differences.

"Going Back to Pen and Paper"

“Going Back to Pen and Paper”