Everybody Needs InspirationFor my Final Blog project, I am doing it on personal growth and living an inspired life. What’s amazing about the Internet is that it has numerous inspiration boards, web pages that address how to get through something, personal growth videos, and much more. I have found more empowering, inspiring content on the Web than I did on TV (not that television does not have inspiring content), but I have been introduced to new concepts on the Web. Using them in my own life, I finally understand what the content is about and what it is like to embody an inspired life. All of the advice and the videos that I have watched have helped me get through some tough times. When I felt I had no one to help me out of my mess, I gravitated toward these sites. I was in my room, my nice private environment, with my laptop, looking at these sites. When I was taking in what I was reading or watching, it felt so personable. It was as if the author or speaker was talking to me. I do not know how I would have been without these empowering messages .

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It feels so great when a blog or a site can put my concerns into the right words. It hits a nerve, and I feel relieved. Once my problems are worded out, I feel the weight on my shoulders come right off. Then, I know for sure that I can get out of any problem stronger and smarter. Their methods to make progress in a certain area is unlike anything I have ever read, seen, or heard. It feels so refreshing to learn about actual ways to make progress that actually work. I do not have to hear the same cliche tips that I hear all the time. For example, one thing I learned from the Internet is to feel your feelings and not push them way, regardless of what emotion it is. In general, we have been taught by society to not feel certain emotions such as sadness or angry and always, always be positive. This is not healthy for us at all. Has anyone heard of the famous phrase “If you resist, it will persist.”.  The key is to feel your feelings without getting into a mental drama of what it means. I learned that from a YouTube video when I felt like I hit rock bottom. This one advice pulled me out of the huge emotional tornado that I was in at the time. Wow! I am so grateful for all the messages I have acquired in order for me to create positive, lasting change in my life. If any of you guys ever feel down in the dumps, you can look into some of the things that I was talking about, but that is if you want to. I am not out here to tell you guys how to live your lives, but from my experience inspiration on the Web has helped me so much. But what bout you? What would life be like for you if you decided to look for inspiring, empowering mediums on the Web and incorporate some creative ideas into your life? Hmmmm…..I wonder.

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