First here are other peoples’ thoughts on online shopping:

“There are a lot of benefits to online shopping, you can better compare product features, retailer prices, and read product reviews from customers, instead of only hearing the biased pitch of a sales clerk.

I am a member of the bing outreach team. has closely integrated shopping into its search engine because it realized how important online shopping is to so many people. One thing does that is unique from all other online shopping sites is save you money by giving you cashback for your purchases. If you would like to learn more, follow the link and check it out for yourself.


“To me, the biggest benefit is you can shop at tons of different sites within minutes. You can’t do that without the internet. There are even sites that allow you to view multiple deals from different store all on the same page, like:”

“Fantastic as you get loads of options on the same goods, good prices and dont have to queue.

Disadvantages are: this week someone has accessed my computer or a suppliers and used my credit card details to purchase items like travel tickets, clothes and much much more.

My card is now cancelled, but until i get another thru the post with new numbers i have no money !

Moral of story; check each website carefully and your credit card bills”

-more selections

-don’t know if the item will fit (if buying clothes)
-difficult return process
-long delivery

I love buying things online and haven’t really had bad experiences yet.”

Online shopping has become one of those new trends thats came along with using the Internet. Is it just another symptom of lazy America? Is it just another leap in our future? We all have shopped online at least once in our lifetime. As for me I was not so crazy about it but I must say products are so much cheaper which is a plus for anyone in this economy. I bought 2 bundles of hair extensions online that cost me less than the price of one if I went to the store. You would think well thats great, I should shop online more. However, this was not the case because the color I ordered was not the same color I saw online and supposedly I could dye and curl the hair to how I wanted but the hair color did not change and I couldn’t curl the hair. At this point I could not return the hair because it has been used and you know how it goes. So I ended up going to the store and buying the hair extension I preferred and so I ended up spending more than anticipated.

The advantages of shopping online are primarily convenience, then comes lower prices and being able to search for exactly what you want and getting it. Now the disadvantages of shopping are credit card fraud, identity theft, product not being the same as online, the quality of the product and the amount of time it takes for your product to arrive. For example, if you wanted to buy a sofa you would first find locations and one location could be 20 miles from another which would waste gas and money. Secondly, from driving around you get hungry and spend more money on food. If you do find a location to buy your sofa you spend at least 2 hours waiting for someone to attend to you then walking around to find the sofa and then buying it. But then you realize you already spent so much from gas and food and decide to get something cheaper. So you say maybe online shopping would have been easier. Using the same sofa example, you go on a sofa website and find the sofa you like for a really low price you purchase it and put in all your credit information. Four months has passed and you haven’t received your sofa you continue calling for an update and when it finally arrives it doesn’t look the same online and you notice some wear and tears and you call and ask for a return and they tell you they have a no return policy and you say well i was not informed of your no return policy. Then they tell you it was in the fine print of the agreements before you purchased your sofa.

The moral of both stories is shopping online or just going to the store has its advantages and disadvantages. As a consumer we have to decide which is more tolerable for us and act wisely when shopping.

"Shop Online"

“Shop Online”

"Go to the Store"

“Go to the Store”