I read the article above and it talks about how Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda Gates, bans usage of apple product in their home. When I read this I thought it is natural for something like this to happen. Microsoft and Apple are competitors and by Gates kids using Apple products he is enriching his competitor. Although it is clear which brand is flourishing right now, Microsoft is also a major part of our tech advancements. The maybe unfair part of this situation is that Gates kids not being able to have the experience of using an iPhone or iPod or iPad. As stated half of U.S households at least have one Apple product. So correct me if I am wrong here, this means 1 in 2 households own an Apple product.

Apple has set a big imprint in our society so the thought of Gates children not being able to use an Apple product is devastating. When Melinda Gates was interviewed about this topic she said one of her children had asked her about having an iPod and she told her she can have a Zune. As for phones instead of an iPhone their children can use a Windows phone. The questions raised from reading this article was, does Gates forbid every other brand such as Samsung, Lenovo etc. Or is it Apple just being banned from the household? What didn’t make sense to me is the fact that Bill Gates, owner of Microsoft, bans Apple from his household yet he has made a Microsoft Office software 2011 for macs. Maybe I’m being a little too sensitive here but if he really feels so strongly about Apple why would he make a program compatible or macs? He is indirectly making profit from Apple’s inventions but he doesn’t allow his children to use Apple products.

"Microsoft Office 2011 for MAC"

“Microsoft Office 2011 for MAC”

In the article, it states that despite Microsoft’s rivalry with Apple, Bill Gates was on good terms with Steve Jobs. Bill Gates also said he visited Steve Jobs during his illness and stated that they were never at war; they both made great products and competition is always a good thing. I agree with the fact that competition is always a good thing it is a necessity because it allows new ideas to surface and advancement in technology in this case. When you put it like this, if Microsoft wants to surpass Apple in all its contributions and achievements they will have to create something that is better than Apple and this is how our country grows.

"No Apple"

“No Apple”