So I just finished my podcast. It may be not the best but I know I put in my full effort. I don’t think I’ve put in this much effort into a project. Part of it is because I enjoyed learning how to use Audacity. It was not easy learning how to use it but eventually I caught on. You learn to control what you want on your project and I think it is pretty cool.

Another reason to why I put in so much effort was because I enjoyed my topic a lot. I find the people I chose to introduce in my podcast very admirable and inspirational. In my podcast, I explained that fractured tailbone and lost motivation in life. I had no idea what was going on with my life and where it was heading. But thankfully, I watched this people’s interviews and realized they also hit a lot of roadblocks but they never gave up.

not giving up

Now that I am done with the podcast, it is time to start on the Final Blog Project, which I am excited to work on. I already started on it and have one page so far. Now I need to continue making some more pages and start posting.

I would say, out of all the classes I took that are not my major class this is one class where I felt like I learned most. I felt like I was actually doing something. I made a lot of mistakes in this class but I had the chance to always edit and try to make things better. Also, this class taught things that I thought were extremely useful. And because of this class, I am planning to taking Intro to Creative Writing in the Fall Semester.