One social media outlet which I haven’t gotten into is Twitter.  Many say I am missing out.  Others say that I am just included in the #twitterlessgreg.  Regardless of what they think, I am not completely on the outside because I don’t have a Twitter.  I believe many people are in way too deep with it and don’t want to put myself into a position where I am constantly scrolling down on my phone.  Also, I have heard some of the college coaches watch the twitter accounts of their athletes to keep everyone in line.  I don’t want to be put in a position where something I post gets me into trouble.  My other trepidation about it is anyone can follow you (unless you set it on private I believe?) so you may not want a family member or anyone of that type that you would be afraid of them seeing a tweet.  Finally, it seems like Twitter turns into a competition as to who can have more followers without following a lot of people- just from my observations.


Now that I just went through all of those reasons not to make a twitter, personally I don’t think many of those things would have a great effect on me.  I guess you just hear people complaining about it for some odd reason, saying they hate it just because they are spiteful.  I honestly don’t know, just speculating.  However, I kind of allowed the voices of these people to get into my head and build an argument against making a twitter without me consciously analyzing what they’re saying.  That last part kind of shows how much stock I put into social media- very little.


I kind of like to move at my own pace with those types of things, I was pretty late to join Facebook and I don’t post or go on very often.  I feel like social media websites get big when all of your friends are on there so you follow along and make one.  Guess I am a lone wolf in that way.  I didn’t really see a need to make one though everyone around me is using it and stays in contact, or hears about things they wouldn’t have heard about without a Twitter, so I didn’t make one.  Simple as that.

I'm thinking about making a Twitter

I’m thinking about making a Twitter

This is really the longest time I have thought about making a Twitter- the length of this article.  And I know I am really contradicting myself in saying this, but a Twitter would probably do me more good than bad.  I could hear from more people, have more people see my posts (don’t really care but hey it would be cool to get a favorite here or there), maybe reconnect with people I have lost contact with?  I guess as I think about it, from the way I would use a Twitter there really wouldn’t be any negatives, only positives.  I don’t care too much about what others think about me but I wouldn’t put an image out there to make myself look like a tool- so who cares about who follows me?  And with Facebook, I never got too into it so I foresee the same thing happening if I would per say, hypothetically, possibly, maybe got a twitter.

Overall, I just went from one side of the Twitterstrum (Twitter spectrum) to the other over the course of this post.  I guess thats the beauty of blogging, allows you to put all your thoughts out there and find out what you truly think about a topic.  Anyway, still up in the air about making a Twitter but it no longer seems like something to be afraid of.  Just don’t know if I want another distraction in my already busy days.  If I do decide to make one, I will post my @ whatever thing and then maybe you guys could follow me?  Your call!!!!!!!