I’ve heard of SoundCloud before, but it wasn’t until I just bought my first actual Yeti microphone that I was able to record some songs that I saw fit to upload on their. The combination of both SoundCloud and social networking has helped me to reveal my musical talents and love for music. I realized as I posted some of the songs I had been working on, that more then half of my friends didn’t even know that I sang. I mean, think about it, when it the appropriate time to really just start belting out a song. This gave me a way to share what I was able to do in a way that people could listen to at their leisure. Within the three days of uploading I’ve gotten over 500 listens. Where else would I be able to accomplish this without the aid of the world wide web. I realized quickly how technology transformed the way people are able to network themselves. How else could I let my sister, who lives in Georgia, hear me sing? That in itself is essentially how all artists are able to gather their own followers… by networking. Some of my favorite artists are actually people who have gained a following on youtube based off of their original songs or covers of popular songs that they did. These people have nothing else to make it on aside from raw talent, and so i thoroughly enjoy their music.


Singing has always been a major hobby for me and also an outlet when things are over whelming me. When I was diagnosed in January one of the things they discussed was possibly going through the front of my throat to get the tumor, and although it didn’t pose a huge threat for my vocals it was indeed a fear of mine. My mom had mentioned that I should record some songs before I got into surgery and I never got around to it. There is nothing to hold me back at the point from trying to take this hobby of mine and turning it into something bigger. Now being at school, I have turned to music again as an outlet especially going through a recent break-up. I think one of the most important things for me is being able to share my recordings with my family back home. I think one of my favorite things was also my friends and family’s ability to “share” my link and posts with their friends. Not only do I have a largely over populated selection of friends on facebook that can all view my soundcloud, but when my sister from Georgia, or my friend from Finland shared it, my networks branch out immensely!

In the broad scheme of things, having the ability to work with audacity in this class has really helped me to improve the quality of my recordings. If i mess up, I can step back and edit it out and rerecord which is definitely an advantage of technology. That is one of the hardest things about tackling a live performance. There aren’t do overs when you are performing live. When I used to record music at a much younger age, I would try to blurt out an entire 3 minutes song without a mistake. Not knowing how to edit, had I messed up, the entire thread was deleted. Now, when I watch performers sing live even on TV, you can hear them get out of breath or watch them drop the high note an octave and you wonder what it is that you have been listening to for the past few years. I think technology and social networking have really changed the sound of music and how a person is able to network that sound. I am slightly unbiased as to whether or not it is for the better or worse, but I can say it makes it convenient.