This is a response post to “Feelings of Reading A Book”

I agree with you 110%. Nothing beats an actual, physical book. One of my favorite smells is the smell of a brand new book, weird I know, but it’s a smell that i’ve known for the majority of my life. I could spend my entire life in a bookstore. I personally believe that e-readers are a great technical development, but similar to most technology, they have their flaws. When one switches from a book to an e-reader, there is a small but highly frustrating adjustment period, however once you become familiar with an e-reader, the only thing that is different is the smell of freshly printed paper versus hard metal.



When I first received my Kindle as a Christmas present, I cringed . I could not fathom abandoning my beloved books with worn bindings and dog-earred pages for an electronic library, however the more I used the Kindle, the more it grew on me.  Now all electronic devices are cooperative with the Kindle app, which provides 24/7 access to my library and the bookstore; this is how my obsession started. When he comes to e-reading, I have come to prefer reading a book on my laptop since it possesses a bigger screen Also, just like with the actual Kindle, in the app you can adjust the page color, font size, and font type. By finding the option that is most pleasing and easy going on your eyes results in faster, more sufficient e-reading.  The only con that is associated with e-reading is the abscence of the sensual connection one makes when reading a physical books. The feeling of rough, thin paper against your fingers, and the smell of brand new ink is gone. However, I do not that the lack of physically flipping a page lessens the suspense of a book’s plot. Regardless of whether you are turning a page or swiping a finger, you still have to turn the page one way or another. My computer jus capable of flipping a page quicker than I can, so as a result, I get to the juicy stuff sooner. When it comes to reading my reactions and experiences do not depend on which medium I chose to read it on, it solely depends on  the actually story that I read.

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Even though I have developed a fondness for e-readers and e-books, books still hold the majority of my heart, and a bookstore continues to be my safe-haven. The only deciding factor that learns my favoritism more towards e-books are the prices. I read over 100 books each year; if It was not for e-books that statement would not be possible, because I simply could not be able to afford it. If I had chosen to buy hard copies of all the books I have read this year alone, the total price would probably closely resemble the price of my tuition this semester. I do tend to crave hard copies every once in a while, and to not completely destroy my pathetic bank account, I usually purchase used copies through, the only issue I have with this website though is that media mail takes too long to put the book in my greedy, impatient fingers.     E-readers are just highly convenient. You can take your entire library with you wherever you go, and the battery life on them is highly impressive. As long as you charge it regularly at night, you will never have to worry about the device shutting down just when you are about to find out who the murderer was. Another advantage of not having to lug around multiple hard copies is the weight that comes with them. Amazon, my back thanks you for providing it a few more years before arthritis kicks in.

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The last advantage of e-books and e-readers is the new found trend of self-publishing. The majority of my favorite authors are or started by self-publishing. As a result of this new capability, there is always a new release just waiting for me to download, due to the fact that self-publishing is mainly popular through e-books.

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There are both pros and cons to the digital and print aspects of the publishing industry, but the cons of either format are not capable of destroying one’s love for reading. I believe that if you truly love the written word, it does not really matter how you read it, the only thing that matters is that you are reading it. Just because the story is not printed on paper should not alter your reaction to the story, or the emotions it evokes in you while reading it. It’s the same story whether you are reading it on paper or on a LED screen.