If you have been on Youtube this week, it’s GEEK WEEK. Yesterday, I stumbled this Buzz Feed video called This Is Why We Love Comics. This video made me think how reading has changed over the years. The video began with: “For the flip of the page, musk of old paper, the newsprint on our fingers, this is why we love comics.” That experience is something I think the upcoming generation would not understand. With computers, tablets, and ebooks, it makes reading so much more convenient.

I remember in high school, my teacher was saying how reading from a kindle loses the meaning of reading from an actual book.  She says reading a book is not as simple as just reading it, its flipping the page, feeling the suspense, and closing that book in the end. That’s what reading is also about. You can’t feel that if you are reading on a kindle.  Personally, I also prefer to physically have a copy of a book than to read from the screen. I once downloaded a book online and I barely read the book. Reading it from the screen was so tiring. My eyes were very strained and I had to take a lot of breaks.


Another thing that I love are bookstores. I mean I am not a crazy reader but I do love holding and looking at books. I like to look at the cover and turn the book over to see the synopsis. I love walking from one genre to the next in bookstores. It is as if I got transported to another world. Even if its not novels, I feel like I can learn and feel from the picture books to travelling books. It would be a pity if bookstores do have to close down one day if there are no more books circulating.