I guess people are supposed to learn from their mistakes, but luckily, my inability to caused me to think of another blog post that I could write. Picture this: Its about 10am, and I’m really moving through my blog post. At this rate I could have it posted by maybe 10:30. I’m writing about music, and my recent obsession with recording songs, and man, its just a really enjoyable write. I finished up, and I go to add some media to my post… you know… the final touches, when this happens:

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 10.47.09 AMI’m sorry, excuse me. What? You can’t add my image? WHY NOT? Here I am frustrated. The internet shouldn’t have flaws. After trying to upload a few different pictures I tell myself, oh well, no media for you, you stupid post, and I click publish when I get:

“Are you sure you want to do this?”


Yes, WordPress. I sat here for the past 45 minutes typing so I’m going to go ahead and confidently say that yes, I am sure. Naturally I click, “yes.” When I get:


Try again?…. TRY AGAIN? I was cruising at a comfortable steady 678 words. YOU TRY AGAIN. I click again… nothing… and by nothing I mean 0 words.

WORDPRESS STOLE MY POST, and I let it… again.

Has anyone else ever stayed up to write a paper only to forget to click ‘save’ and find themselves starting at square one? The first time this happened to me my brother gave me an unsympathetic, “Learn to use word and save your work.” Did I learn that? Nope. No sir, I did not. I found it significantly more convenient to just type right into the WordPress format and hit publish. The funny part is… HERE I AM DOING IT AGAIN. Its almost as if I am asking for technology to subtlety remind me that its not perfect.

Perhaps it was designed as something that would add convenience to our lives, but does it always? When was the last time you took a pen to a paper and an hour later lost all of your work? Wait, repeat that? Never? Exactly! In Another Look Back, and a Look Ahead, Edward Tenner calls this “revenge effects.” Tenner’s principle concern is the way that human beings interact with the products of technological innovation. As he puts it, “A small change to solve a minor problem may create a larger one.” He also notes that the risk of technology’s revenge effects has only been intensified by the ubiquity of computer software in modern life. Yes, we as a society make a steady attempt and effort to cease these revenge effects and solve these problems, but “human culture, not some inherent will of the machine, has created most revenge effects,” and for this reason we can not lose sight of our capacity to change and adapt.

Autocorrect. A design that was simply created to help a person with the Iphone type a little faster. A little clearer. Perhaps with a little less error. It absolutely has its perks! I love not having to backspace when I type with my ipod knowing that autocorrect will pick up my slack. I also have a macbook, so if I’m rushing through a paragraph and stumble across a word that I don’t know how to spell, I think to myself ehh, just get semi close to the correct spelling. The computer will recognize the word. HOW LAZY IS THAT? My own knowledge is spited because I am too lazy to look up a word and spell it autocorrect_fail_g6_width_600xcorrectly. I before E except after C ? WHO CARES? I HAVE AUTOCORRECT. It’s truly a shame isn’t it? Of course slithering along to make it worse, autocorrect doesn’t always choose the right word as you will see in some examples below… and things can become a little awkward or tense if it messes up bad enough. I also can’t stand that “omg” automatically corrects to “OMG”. Disclaimer: I’m usually not that excited about what you’re having to say… sorry.

I would definitely say, as I am proven time and time again, DO NOT put your faith in technology. Use it as an aid to make your life easier, yes, but don’t let it rule your life. Don’t fall into the wheel of convenience. Trust me, in you do, you’ll have a lot of texts to explain, a lot of papers to write, and that will only be the beginning.