While doing this podcast project, I have really realized how important it is to be able to navigate these tools of expression that are usable through technology.  At first, it seemed almost silly to me that we are learning how to blog and how to use these mediums.  In a way, I felt like I was conforming to society by jumping on the “blog bandwagon” and learning how to create one.  But it has dawned on me, through this process of posting blogs, creating videos, and using Audacity, that it is actually kind of important to know how to do these things.  Things are changing because of technology, and I have realized that it is sort of important to keep up with these changes.  Videos, podcasts, etc. are part of the new vernacular of modern day society, and we should be able to speak the language so that we can stay in the game.  Otherwise, our ideas might fade into the background and our voices might not be heard.  Is this fair?  No, of course not.  I do not think people should necessarily have to turn into human-robot hybrid creatures.  However, it is the reality of the situation.   It is good to know how to create a video or a podcast so that I can share it with a lot of people, as well as be well-received by others.  In a way, I feel sort of enlightened, knowing what kind of work goes into making one of these projects.



In high school, I took film class all four years, and it was probably my favorite thing about high school.  We used a program called Adobe Premiere Pro, and by the time I was a senior, I was very fluent in the language of this program.  I knew how to use it, and I knew how to use it well.  As a matter of fact, I won a few awards in high school for my work.  I planned on and hoped to continue studying film in college.  Unfortunately, I never got to fulfill this plan to continue working with film in school, but I do plan on returning to it eventually.  That is why working with iMovie as well as Audacity have been such exciting processes for me.  It brought me back to the fun I had in high school working with a movie editing program.  Being able to navigate these tools is actually really exciting and makes you feel sort of powerful.  I cannot even imagine what sorts of programs we will be using in the future to create these types of projects.  I wonder if they will be even more difficult to use or if they will be much easier.  I feel this can go either way.


Honestly, I found Adobe Premiere Pro, the program I used in high school, to actually be easier for me to use than iMovie, even though it is an older program.  With Adobe, I had to initially learn how to use the program thoroughly before creating any projects, but once I learned how to use the program, it seemed extremely easy for me to understand.  There was also a lot of creative freedom on Adobe.  I could edit a frame in a movie to look pretty much exactly how I wanted to, granted that I knew how to use all the different buttons and tools.  With iMovie, there are less options.  For instance, when putting in an opening title on the mini-project we did just to get acquainted with the program, I found that I had no choice as to where I positioned the title.  It was already programed in a default spot in the middle of the frame that I could not adjust.  This was frustrating to me, since I am so used to the freedom that Adobe allows for.


I found Audacity to be sort of difficult to work with, as well.  I feel that the program needs a few updates or adjustments to make it a little more navigable and user-friendly.  I felt sort of flustered and overwhelmed at times using it, but maybe I just need to learn more about the program in order to use it more efficiently.  Either way, I am glad to have had the experience working with the program, and hopefully I will become better at using it in the future.