Response to Kingofpins25’s post “Twitterless is Bliss?”

I don’t know about you but I love Twitter. I go through my phases of using it religiously and checking up on it from time to time. But lately I’ve been glued. I try to figure out a pattern of why I get so obsessed but I just can’t seem to figure it out. Is it when I have more time to myself? Is it when I feel bored or alone? For a distraction? Or just for the hell of it? I’m starting to think that I just go on for the hell of it. Even than I still don’t even know why.  Essentially twitter is a place for people to share what is going on in 180 characters or less. But as I scroll through my timeline it seems like a place where people try to be funnier than everyone else, a place where people can complain about life forever (do they really have that bad of a life? Are their parents THAT horrible?) Twitter is also a place where people can stalk others- especially celebrities. So how do I use twitter? I use twitter to share moments with the virtual world- even though 99.9% of them could care less with what’s going on in my life. I scroll through my feed for entertainment, even though half of the time it isn’t that entertaining and I spend some time reading peoples complaints or looking at funny things people post.


One thing I noticed is how much drama twitter creates. A virtual place creates so much drama EVERYWHERE. Last year on my floor there was so much drama with “OMG she totally subtweeted me!” like really? If someone is trash talking you via social media and not tagging you in it, why do you care? They are clearly irrelevant and you should probably not let a 180 character sentence influence your life. Even with celebrities- on the Real Housewives of New Jersey they are always bringing up twitter. “Well she tweeted this, she tweeted that, she said I rent my Chanel bag!” Really she accused you of renting a Chanel bag? What a tragedy- you should probably call the twitter police while you’re at it. I just don’t get why people across the world let social media influence them so much- unless they are bullying you you should let it slide off your shoulders. They are clearly too much of a coward to say it to your face anyway. I think it is very sad that people nationwide let social media influence them so much. It also does not help that celebrities are always advertising their twitters and constantly tweeting. Sure, it lets your fans feel closer to you but they still aren’t close to you. I know a lot of people who have had a tweet favorite by a celebrity and they seriously come too close to having a heart attack over it.


Twitter is like an infectious disease to me, it is extremely distracting and I can’t get rid of it- even when I try. Sad I know. I feel like twitter is like this for a lot of other people too. You delete the app but you still go on the website. Than you get SO fed up that you delete your account! Only to go back and make a new account and realize how sad you are that you lost thousands of tweets and hundreds of followers and now you need to start all over again. When you type a witty tweet you keep refreshing your feed to see how many favorites or retweets you get. Some people even create fake accounts to tweet rom it just so they can see how many followers they can get and how “twitter famous” they can become. The fact that the word “tweet” is actually in the dictionary says a lot. I think I need to work on my relationship with Twitter and become less reliant on it for entertainment.