Before this Podcast project, I was rather unfamiliar with Podcast and what it was about. When I found out that we were doing a Podcast project, I was rather indifferent because I did not know what a Podcast was. I found it interesting that this project was going to be based on audio only. I wondered how I was going to create a thought provoking project using only audio. When I was first introduced to Podcast, I was a little intimidated by it. I did not understand a lot of the features. My first day working with it was not horrible, but it was tedious. I spent a little over half an hour trying to figure out the features. After that, I had videos that I needed to upload the audio on to Audacity. Then, I had to select the sections that I wanted, which took me a while to figure out. I also needed to understand how to highlight the sections I wanted. After that was done, I imported the highlighted sections in a new file and edited each audio clip. Despite all this work, the professor and my classmates were able to help me when I was confused every now and then. I gained momentum as I understood and got used to how Audacity worked.


As I started using Audacity, one thing I liked to do is editing individual audio clips to make it sound perfect. For my voice over, I liked cutting out the parts where I stuttered and took a pause or a breath to make it sound as professional as possible, so I seem to really know what I was talking about. It was fun playing around with that. What I am really looking forward to is compiling all the audio clips with my voice over together and putting some new background music. I get to use the fade in, fade out, and echo effects and much more. I just started experimenting with that today,  but I have to actually use it and save it on my file. I think it will make my podcast sound really cool. Another thing that I like about this Podcast project is that if I do not want to, I do not have to create a script to discuss what I want to discuss. I can make it more of a free flowing rant. What I realized while I was listening to my voice over and listening to my stutters was how hard voice work actually was. I hear radio hosts or TV hosts, and they make projecting their voice on the spot seem so easy. These people have had years of experience to master their voice work, and I am still a newbie. Today, as I watch TV hosts make their announcements, I have developed a greater appreciation for them.