is dominating the web. What started out as an online store has branched out to many other consumer industries. The development of the Kindle e-reader was the root of this company’s expansion. In order to compete with competitive prices, and to make it more convenient for their customers, Amazon chose to sell e-books through their company rather than to have their customers purchase e-books through a third party. The cooperation then decided to rival with Apple with the development of the Kindle Fire, which has the same function’s as Apple’s iPad, and allowed Amazon to lay their footprints in a different type of market, while continuing to create their best-selling e-readers. The prices for e-books through Amazon are a great deal amount cheaper than an actual book, and range in cost from $0.99-$10.00. With the recent accusation of Apple illegally conspiring with top publishing companies to raise the prices of e-books, Amazon’s e-book market soared to new heights, while Apple was facing legal punishment. The next battle between Amazon and Apple revolves around music with Amazon now providing MP3 downloads at the same price as Apple. After being successful in both ventures, Amazon felt it was time to find someone new to pick on, which lead to the development of Amazon Video, which introduced Amazon into the video renting and streaming industry. You can either buy or rent movies or television shows through this service, or if you pay to become an Amazon Prime member you are able to stream movies and television shows for free. This all seems pretty normal right? Amazon has successfully dipped their toes into all different forms of entertainment media, but it is not enough for the popular organization to rule the entertainment industry.


This past year has proven to be a busy one for The most unsuspecting area that they ventured into was television and film production. I personally have yet to watch any of their creations, but the company is receiving positive reviews. There is even talk of Amazon teaming up with The CW(Warner Brothers) to create a television show based of the DC comic book hero Flash. The CW has had so much success with their Arrow series, that it is only inevitable to think that two companies are headed down a successful path. If the Flash series achieves the amount of success as the Arrow series, it will launch Amazon’s name in the film industry.

Amazon also has decided to obtain a more refined reputation with it’s initiation of dealing fine art. For the company to go in this direction is sensible. Amazon was already a seller of art, being the art consisted of reproductions, prints, or basic house decor. It only makes sense that they would want to expand their horizons to gain wealthy clientele.




Along with creating multiple “sub-businesses”, Amazon has started to acquire already known businesses that adds to it’s growing industry. The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, recently purchased The Washington Post. Since news articles are now being posted on the web, the newspaper industry is a dying one, and certain papers report biased views that are not of interest to everyone. It would be much simpler to Google something such as “ News”, and with a click of a button, you have access to thousands of news articles.

One other company that Amazon is in the process of acquiring is For those of you are unaware of what Goodreads is, it can be summed up as a type of Facebook for bookworms. I, myself, have been a member of Goodreads for years now, and it is by far one of my favorite websites. As a member, you can keep track of which books you have read, you can browse information on other books and upcoming new releases, and it even offers recommendations for you based on the books that you have already read! Other features includes an annual reading challenge, collections of memorable quotes from your favorite books, you can stay up to date with your favorite authors, as well as joining book groups and meeting other bookworms like yourself. It is one giant, online book lovers community. I am actually concerned about what would happen if Amazon purchased Goodreads. The site is great as it is and does not need to become more technical and complicated, as what has happened with the ever popular Facebook.


Now here is the question? Is this Amazonian global takeover a good thing? With the rapid rate that the company is growing it has created around 7,000 new jobs, but will it aid the recovery of the American economy if we are spending our money all in one place? Is Amazon becoming a monopoly through the internet? The troublesome economy combined with Amazon’s low prices causes us to not be concerned about where are money is going, but only that we are getting what we need at the cheapest prices. Do not get me wrong, Amazon is an amazing company and I shop through it frequently, but when exactly are they going to stop expanding their brand? Or is their goal to dominate the entire consumer aspect of the internet?