The writer held very good points, in fact I feel the same way about the topic she discussed. The media in terms of advertisements, movies, and even music videos have great influence on what is beautiful and what is ugly. This is why we see so many absurd things today. The impact weighs heavily on children and youth because we still have flexible and vulnerable minds so it is easy to manipulate and brainwash us into thinking what is beautiful in society. Even adults are impacted by this media. Some individuals may say well I don’t care what anyone says I don’t follow the trend on what is in or what is beautiful but in some way we all feed into it. We watch endless commercials, movies and music videos as well as listen to music of all types and almost all the time there is something that is telling you this is how you should look or this is what you should wear.

The unfortunate thing is it even impacts children as young as five years old. In the video below, “The Clark Experiment”, a man asks these children which doll is more beautiful. In front of these children there is one white doll and one black doll and all these children picked the white doll as the being the most beautiful and nicer doll. When one child was asked why the black doll was ugly his response was because its black. I’m sure many of us are familiar with this video but this is just another example of what the media does to us. The shocking part to me is that these children are five or six years old and they don’t know as much as an adult knows but yet they are “smart” enough to know that black dolls are ugly and white dolls are beautiful. The impact of media is so outstanding and powerful but most of us know their manipulation methods. The even funnier thing is although we say we know that the media manipulates us we still fall into its trap.

Today in our society if you want to be a model you have to be tall and really skinny whereas in the urban music world beautiful females are light skin or mixed breed with colored eyes, curvy body, slim waist, big chest and big butt. So today we see girls starving themselves until they are malnourished and on the other side you see girls bleaching their skin and getting implants and shots to fit our society’s image. Unfortunately, no matter how we say we should loves ourselves the way we are it still wouldn’t change what society believes to be beautiful. As teens and young adults we find ourselves giving into peer pressure and hopping on the bandwagon so it is norm that we try to fit into society’s unrealistic image. As for media it is all a money gain, they don’t care who they hurt or its negative impacts as long as they see green. As a young adult it is important to know these things and become adamant and firm on our own beliefs because there are so many things today that can diminish our self image and well being.