The writer talks about how people text random things while sleeping and how much of a trend it is today. I have yet to find myself sleep texting and probably will never happen. Some may disagree but I believe sleep texting applies to people who are really social or talk a lot which fall in the same category. For example, I have a best friend and two friends that I keep in touch with as frequently as I can. However, I speak to them and even my boyfriend maybe once a week. I don’t go out as much and rather be home. So anyone would assume that I’m not a habitual texter. Therefore, the opposite of my scenario would be a really social individual who is a habitual texter. In addition, these type of individuals would most likely fall in the sleep texting category.

Above is a link on this trend of sleep texting and it pretty much confirms what I was leading to. A female named Jessica Schultz talks about she sleep texts and have a number of conversations with friends and ex boyfriends and wake up the next day unable to remember what she talked about. By the previous sentence you can guess that she is a social butterfly. Even in the video the context of her words shows you that she talks to many people. In addition, the doctor being interviewed states that people who sleep text is mostly common among young people and people who are sleep deprived.

“He says texting while you sleep is most common among young people who are over-extended in their lives, sleeping very little, and who are so connected to their phones.”

Also, he goes on to say that out of the youths he has treated for sleep deprivation, half of them sleep texted and college students are the perfect candidates. So basically individuals ho have been sleep deprived are most likely to be sleep texters. As we all know a lot of us college students are almost half the time sleep deprived. Not only college students but the youth in general are so dependent on their phones that one day without it we become depressed or feel like a loser because we are not in constant contact with our peers. Although, not all of us feel this way but majority carries the vote. Anyhow, individuals who feel this way are most likely the ones who become sleep deprived due to the fact that they spend endless hours texting, using facebook and twitter and they become unknowingly tired and possibly become sleep texters. I believe being so dependent on your phone hold so many disadvantages and sleep texting is one.

"Sleep Texting"

“Sleep Texting”