For my podcast project, I am thinking about sharing how famous individuals reach success. The people I planned to use are Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Giada De Laurentiis, and Mario Batali. I already went onto Youtube and started to listen in on some interviews they had. I am also thinking about including an aspiring songwriter and singer Mara Measor. She is not famous like Taylor or Katy, however her dream is the same and I want to share what are her thoughts of reaching stardom. All these people worked extremely hard to get to where they are today or for Mara, working hard to reach her goal. I think it is something worth sharing because to me, I think it is inspirational. They all never gave up on their passion and worked really hard to create their own brand.


So now, I need to start finding and cutting clips of their interviews that would be fitting for the podcasts. Then perhaps have my narration written out and hopefully soon enough, I can start recording.


As I was listening to Giada’s and Mario’s interviews, I realized they talked about how food brings people together and can influence culture. With those two ideas, I think I might want use those for my Final Blog Project. I might probably look up articles online, look at people’s food blogs and maybe look at some traveling blogs that would include some food. I am also thinking about maybe adding in the concept of how the media has an influence as well. It is a very rough idea but I think I might get a clearer idea in the next two classes.

food media culture