Hey Everyone! So for my Podcast project I have decided to continue from where I left off on my video essay about how technology is ruining music. I need as much help as I can get for a little background information and other opinions. So below I have some questions that I would love it if some of you could answer for me. Think of it has easy credit for a response post! Please answer them honestly.


First I need to know a little bit about you

1) What is your age?

2) What is your gender?


Now for the music questions:

1) What is your favorite genre(s) of music?

2) How do you usually listen to music? (radio, iPod, CD, Vinyl, etc…)

3) Is that your favorite way to experience music? If it is, why? and If it isn’t, why not?

4) How often do you listen to music?

5) Would you say that music is an important aspect of your life?

6) Have you ever seen a band/artist play live? If yes, did you enjoy it, did it meet your expectations? If no, do you plan on or want to go see a live performance?

7) have you ever downloaded music without paying for it?(torrents, youtube, limewire, etc…) If yes is this your main way of obtaining music? If no, how do you usually purchase music?

8) Where do you usually go to find new music?

9) Name 3 environments that you listen to music the most. (At home, in the car, on the bus, at a party, at work, etc…)

10) Have you ever taken a music or music appreciation class in either high school or college?

11) Do you play an instrument? If so what instrument and how long have you been playing it?

12) Did you grow up in a household that played a lot of music? If yes, what kind of music?

13) Do you associate music with certain memories or moments of nostalgia?

14) Do you use music as a way to form bonds with people?

15) Do you watch reality music TV shows such as American Idol, The Voice, X Factor, etc.. If yes, why do you watch/enjoy them? If no, why don’t you watch them?

16) Do you watch TV or Movie musicals? (Glee, Smash, A Chorus Line, etc…) If yes, why do you watch/enjoy them? If no, why don’t you watch them?

17) Do you think that TV or Movies have a great impact on the music world?

18) What are your thoughts on how technology either benefits or injures music?


Thank You!