Since my previous post discussed cellphones causing anxiety, I feel that I should share what has helped me overcome cellphone anxiety and dependency for anyone who might be experiencing the same thing.  I am in no way suggesting that I have the secret formula to fix someone’s problems regarding cellphones, but I just feel these are good general tips to suggest to anyone who might be battling any sort of anxiety.  I also feel that these tips are just generally good tips for life.

at peace

1. Objectivity is key.  I think one of the biggest helps for me was being objective.  Being an emotional person, I have to try extra hard to take a step back and look at things logically and objectively.  When I did this, I was able to see the situation clearly, with no emotional charge behind my reasons why I was doing what I was doing.  For example, when I stepped back and realized that I was literally allowing this stupid little device to dictate how my day was going to go, it seemed so silly.   Was I really going to spend all of my time checking my phone, waiting for people to answer me?  I realized I must have appeared absolutely ridiculous to the people I was contacting so often.  This alone was enough to make me snap out of it.


2.  Be in the moment. Another incredible help for me was focusing on being present.  In life, the present moment is technically all that exists.  The past already occurred, the future is still undetermined.  That leaves us with only the present moment, and it is so important to remember that.  If one is constantly spending the present worrying about the past or the future, then there is no such thing as NOW.  All of my present moments for those years that I depended heavily on my phone and my interactions with people through my phone robbed me of my existence.  Seriously, though…I feel as though I blacked out for three years and finally woke up junior year of college.  I do not have rich, fun, fulfilling memories from that period of time in my life because I failed to be present.  I failed to appreciate my life and all the amazing things that were right in front of me!


3.  Have an attitude of gratitude.  This leads me to my next tip, which is to be grateful.  I was once so wrapped up in my misery that I completely lost sight of the beautiful things that life has granted me.  And “beautiful things” does not mean expensive, fancy, or even material.  It can be anything!  Even the littlest things!  For example, I am grateful to have the physical and mental capabilities to be typing this blog.  I am grateful to have friends.  I am grateful for fresh air.  I am grateful to have a bed to sleep in at night.  I am grateful for air conditioning.  Literally…anything.  People, especially in this day and age, seem to have forgotten to be grateful for things.  I always heard the saying “count your blessings,” but I never really understood it until I hit such a low point.  Now, I completely understand what it means to appreciate every little thing in life, and this has caused me to focus on the positive rather than the negative.   Focusing on the positive aspects of life has nearly eliminated my anxiety.  When you feel positive, nothing can bother you.


4.  Be kind.  Finally, I think it is important to be nice to yourself.   I did not realize it at the time, but by worrying about other people rather than taking care of myself, I was definitely my own worst enemy.  In a way, I just assumed that I was meant to be sad and miserable, constantly in a state of unrest and uncontrollable nerves.  I forgot that this is my life, and it is my responsibility to take care of myself and be my own best friend.  It sounds so cliché, but it is so true.  Many people do this.  Many people sacrifice their own happiness because they have an “Oh, well, that’s life” mentality.   Wrong.  Life is what you make of it.  It can be the most miserable, depressing, lonely journey, or it can be the most beautiful, rewarding, incredible experience.  The choice is literally yours.


I could honestly sit and write about this all day, but these are my tips for now.  I hope that they help anyone who is dealing with anxiety caused by technology, or just anyone who is dealing with any sort of struggle in life.