As I was getting ready for class the other morning I was watching Live with Kelly and Michael. They were talking about a news article for “smart diapers” it caught my attention and I looked up to see what they were talking about.  Smart diapers? What could they possibly be creating now; a system to tell parents when their child has gone to the bathroom in their diaper? Well I was completely wrong. It turns out that they are making a diaper that has a QR scanning code on the outside of it. And when the child pees in their diaper test strips will pick up the urine and begin to test it, it will track the urine for any possible changes and send the statistics back to the parent’s phone and to any doctors that have it connected. Interesting right? It will be able to detect when a child is dehydrated, has kidney problems or is coming down with a possible urinary tract infection. The company is just awaiting the approval from the Food and Drug Administration now.


I have very mixed feelings about this new technology. It is great because it can help parents to worry less about their children. It is an added security feature that is reassuring that your child is okay. It is extremely innovative and demonstrates how much our technology is growing. Technology is now being used to innovate diapers; something that one would think is perfectly fine and functional by itself. However, I keep thinking to myself “A ‘smart diaper’?” does that mean it has like electronics in it? That seems slightly concerning to me.  Especially since the Food and Drug Administration seems to approve almost anything. Would I ever buy a smart diaper? I am not entirely sure. I would definitely need to read up on it once they create it because as innovative as it seems, it also makes me very skeptical and curious. I am almost positive that parents would have even more mixed feelings on this than I do. I asked my mom that if this was available when I was a baby if she would buy it. She said absolutely not because it seems like it would be harmful to a babies health or it would just not work properly. Who is to say that it would be correct 100% of the time? People could be rushing their babies to the doctor saying they have kidney issues when really the diaper just messed up and malfunctioned. Or worse, a baby could be having kidney issues and the diaper could say that the child is completely normal.


Other problems I see are that they would be a lot more expensive than normal diapers are and who would want to pay all that money on something that you use all the time. Also how frequently could your baby possibly get urinary tract infections and be dehydrated. Maybe parents would buy this once in a while if their child was sick. There are many cases that say having your phone on you all of the time can cause cancer. If this smart diaper has some sort of electronic in it is it not possible for a baby to have a higher risk of getting cancer? This smart diaper could also make parents less hands on with their child. When you are a parent it is your responsibility to raise your child and know when something is bothering them. So instead of leaving this up to technology to take care of you should know when your child is upset or sick and bring them to the doctor. Maybe you will be right and maybe you will be wrong but regardless I believe you should take care of your child instead of leaving it up to technology to assist you with a QR scanner. This is a very interesting technological advancement but I believe it will die out and never hit the shelves.