This blog post is a response to Bianca’s “Will Smart Diapers Lead to Lazy Parents?”

Bianca exposed the fact that there is a new invention developing and awaiting FDA approval that can essentially test the contents of a child’s urine and expose any infections or potiential health issues that could ensue.

I definitely think that this just goes to show how lazy we can potentially become as a society. Part of being a parent is being very active in your child’s life… checking to see if they went to the bathroom is one of them. Its a simple task of providing care for your child and rather then just peek every half hour or so… people will opt out and spent all that extra money. You’re right, I agree that this could become useful if your child is sick.

I work at a daycare, and there was one little girl who always complained about how bad it hurt when she had to go to the bathroom. The mom didn’t take initiative and just gave her more water, after a few days she started getting physically sick in the daycare, and we sent her home only to have her mom bring her back the next day without a doctor’s note. The girl ended up in the hospital with a kidney infection from Ecoli. The illness was so severe she had an extended hospital stay. Are there potential benefits to having a mechanism that will aid in a parents role?

Of course there are some clear cut benefits, however, I think based off of moral intuition, that it shouldn’t go as far as a parent needed a machine to let them know when a child is sick. Being active in your child’s life and becoming aware of what is and isn’t the norm is essential, and we need not rely on technology to do that for us! If one isn’t ready to accept the basic roles and responsibilities that spearhead with becoming a parent, then perhaps delay the actions that would result in an offspring.

It was definitely an eye opening experience working in a daycare, and watching the many parents drop their kids off promptly at the center’s opening, only to pick them up promptly when we closed was always a concern of mine. Are the kids getting enough attention at home? One parent would always walk in on her cellphone, and when her kids ran up she would gesture for them to hold on… she was busy.

Is technology and these modern world advances affecting a parents ability to really parent their children? While at the doctor’s office the other day, a kid kept trying to play with the playset and her mom pulled her back and handed her an iPod so she could play games. I also remember the countless times that I babysat and the parents would say “just put on a movie, it will keep them busy.” I remember my mom and dad taking me to the zoo, or a park. We never really sat at home or did the same thing on weekends, and my parents, who had 7 kids, took a very active part in our lives. I can only hope that because I was raised with such attention and detail that I will be able to raise my kids in the same fashion.

When watching my niece on time, she refused to take a bath. I left a trail of skittles to the bath tub, I kid you not, and she followed them into the tub. Thats the only thing I could think to do. I turned it into a game, and she used her creative mind and intuition and it was alot of fun. Later that night I asked my sister how she got Delaney into the bath tub and she said she would sometimes bring the portable DVD to the bathroom and she would go and watch her shows.


I can only hope that as we move towards a technologically advance society that our youth doesn’t lose sight of its creativity.