The writer acknowledged a well known fact that album sales have dropped tremendously due to easy access to free music, movies etc. It is obvious anyone who has the opportunity to get free music movies and anything else, they would quickly take advantage of that opportunity. So many artists are blaming these illegal websites and available techniques in downloading different forms of media. However, are they really the major reason why album sales have plummeted? Of course this reasoning takes a big chunk of blame but so does the economy.

If you ask any middle age adult how was the economy and the country back then compared to now , they would most definitely tell you much better than now. Twenty years ago the economy was booming, there was so much excess money and you could easily quit one job and find another instantly (not an exaggeration). It was an employee or buyers market. People were able to spend money with ease and not worry about being laid off or a sudden increase in gas or groceries. Money was not a problem. So musicians and writers made tons of money from everyone. Furthermore, I’m pretty sure these illegal sites we have today may have not even existed back then. The reason behind this is not only was there not resources like we have now to create these sites but it was simply not needed. Many people were able to buy albums and books and dvds without feeling like a chunk of cash has fallen from their pockets.

"GDP from 1990s to 2000s"

“GDP from 1990s to 2000s”

So here we are, 2013, our economy is in ruins. Evidently money is tight for everyone including our famous celebrities. Now money is not coming in for these musicians and actors like before and you hear them blame illegal sites and other methods in getting free music and movies. We have suffered an unforgettable terrorist attack, record high gas prices and an economic meltdown and all of these events patently affected our economy. Like my father always says, “every penny counts”, buying a couple of $14 albums may be used to buy a week worth of groceries or put it in a 9 month CD and watch your money grow. So why waste your money on these albums when you can download them for free and have more money in your pocket.  In my opinion, I do believe musicians and actors should receive what they have earned from their contributions however it is safe to say some of these individuals have been overpaid and selfishly greedy. Note, I am not saying that they should not get paid for their work but these artists do take money for granted. They complain about album sales being low but why do they want the money that has been robbed from them? To buy two more ferraris that may be rarely used to add to their twenty car garage? Hmm, sounds right. Moreover, we have seen plenty of artists who have made millions go bankrupt and every time I read about this I just think what a waste of money. How can someone who made so much go bankrupt. Anyhow, as the writer pointed out Jay-Z found a clever way to make more money from his album which might be a new trend among artists.