First thing is first, I want to add a little disclaimer and specify that I do not discriminate in any way. I am the type of person who isn’t necessarily up to date with current events. The last time I watched the news, or over heard it… one of the headlining stories was that a bride and groomsman were killed in a boat accident.. tragic.. but news? I did stop and think however, that it was a nice break from all the race related topics that had not only been surfacing all over the news, but on Facebook, and Twitter. I am Switzerland when it comes to the Zimmerman trial, personally because I have not read into it, or made myself involved enough to know what facts are true and what are not. Despite the ruling, what I really wanted to touch base on, was that after the trial my facebook was cover with stories about how white people were killed by black people, and a headline that basically read,  “Where is our justice?” The crime may or may not have been committed based off of race, but I find it sad that our country has come as far as it has in establishing an equal balance, yet when a news story surfaces such as this, a divider comes between us as a race. I remember being in a high school class where a teacher yelled at a student, and the kid said “She doesn’t like me because I’m black.” Reality was, the kid constantly skipped, texted in class, and was over all very disrespectful. That is why the teacher didn’t like the student. Again, in college, I took a crime course where the professor was African American, and when a white student got his exam back, he said “She isn’t grading fairly because she hates whites.” I got a B on the exam. I’m white. Perhaps the student’s grade resulted from poor studying habits. Not race.

I always found it troubling when there was an altercation between two people of separate race and the fight was blamed on that fact and that fact only. Do I think Riley Cooper was justisfied? Hell no, I don’t. I don’t ever think a public figure should use any racial slur, but I am also aware of a few other events in which some occured and they didn’t get any where near this publicity. Although it is unrealistic, I wish as a society we could move on from the past and view each other as equals because race is not a solid reason to disagree. I know a handful of people who call themselves oreos, a weird term, but they say its because they are black on the outside and white on the inside. With that there is a term called reverse oreo’s for those who act oppositely. If that goes to show anything, to me, it means, it doesn’t matter your race, it matters your behavior, and either race is subject to do as they please! Why discriminate?!

Another thing that people do on vine is “Black people be like….. White people be like…” I may be the only one who noticed this trend, but If you have a vine, I doubt you missed them all.

While they are funny, its not fair to assume that either race fits into the stereotype. I really do think that race in some ways, has cause a bit of a divide in this bond that we’ve formed over the years. Some of it is joking, and some not, but regardless, its not fair to try and assume that we are all that different. We aren’t!