This is in response to Tori’s post “Leaked”

It is quite obvious that pirating through the internet has become a lot more popular within the last decade. I can’t even remember a time where I didn’t download music for free. I started with Napster when I was about 12-13 years old maybe then switched to Limewire and now I frequent torrent websites and do youtube to mp3 conversions. It has caused album sales to go down drastically, but are the artists still really losing money? I have noticed that concert ticket sales have gone up drastically, especially if it is part of a stadium tour. My personal experience is that Aerosmith was performing at some type of wine tasting event a couple of months ago and I was so excited because I have never been able to see Aerosmith perform live but they wanted me to spend $200 a person for the entire experience and that was through Groupon, so I don’t even know what the actual price of a ticket was. Yes album sales have dropped due to pirating but they are finding other ways to make money, including being on a soundtrack for a movie or on a commercial, or doing promotional events, or creating products that consumers will buy just because it has their name on it. I personally would rather pay money to go see an artist perform line then to spend $1.29 for a single song. Another reason for music sales to drop is because we have become more concerned about a single song than an entire album. We all have had the experience that not every album an artist puts out will consist of amazing songs. So instead of paying the $9.99 for an entire album we will buy only a couple of songs. So instead of paying the artist ten bucks we are only paying them probably around two to six bucks depending on how many good singles they have out. So that is an easy way to see why album sales have dropped.


I talked about how digital technology was ruining music in my video essay and this is just another example of that. Even if we wanted to purchase just a single before iTunes came out we were still paying almost double for a CD single then what we pay for an mp3 single. I know this might be a little harsh, but since digital music doesn’t really hold  up to the quality of a record or even a CD, I do not feel bad about not paying for it, because it is merely a copy. Also the way I see what is called “illegal downloading” is basically the same thing as me letting you borrow a CD and burn it onto your computer for free. We are sharing music with each other but now it has become global. I honestly believe that torrent websites and Youtube are basically free promotion for musicians. I’ve become aware unsigned bands and artists who I am in love with through these sites because they do put out their music for free to get the music listeners interested. But it is very easy to get caught downloading music, movies, tv shows, etc… I have not personally gotten caught, but I know plenty of people who have gotten warning notices from their cable providers. I have Comcast and I know that they are the most aggressive when it comes to catching people illegally downloading. So to avoid this: 1) I NEVER seed anything I download. That is the easiest way to get caught. If you are using BitTorrent to download files, make sure you delete all torrent files once the file has finished downloading. 2) Monitor your bandwidth usage. This is how your cable and internet provider catches you the quickest. Comcast has a special page on your account that tells you how much bandwidth you use per month and they also have a bandwidth cap. 3) Never download movies illegally. If you want to watch a movie for free there are other ways to do this. I use live streaming the most and I also have Netflix. Put usually I can type in the name of the movie I want to watch in Google with the words watch online free and they will usually lead me to a site like Megashare.


I also am a fan of the Twilight series and the whole Midnight Sun fiasco, and I also know that Meyer was extremely upset that she was betrayed by someone she trusted, but I felt like that leak was also great publicity for her. It was an early rough draft and it was good, but she knew that her final draft was going to be not be the exact same. I didn’t think it was fair to her to punish her readers for something that wasn’t their fault. The Twilight Saga has an insane following so of course the readers are going to put their hands on anything they can get. She said that she might still consider writing it later on, but who knows. I’m not going to lie, I do download ebooks off of kickass torrents. Trust me I would love to pay for books and support the writers, but at the pace that I go through novels I would be in some serious debt on my amazon credit card because even the ebooks are about ten dollars each.(I usually read about one book a day, so that would be around $300 bucks a month or $3600 a year. Yeah I can’t afford that yet.) The Kindle is a great form of technology because the books are cheaper when you buy it online and I can download a book from anywhere instead of finding time to go to a bookstore, but I have to say I miss spending hours searching through stacks of books and flipping through the pages.