Watching the Youtube video “Story of Stuff, Full Version; How Things Work, About Stuff” made me think and question a lot of things. First off, I never gave much thought into this. I would just think that things are made and consumers would purchase, and then throw out whatever is worn out. As I watched, I realized how ignorant I was.

The only thing I would think of that relates to this cycle was food. I know we should never waste food. I know there are many people in this world who cannot afford 3 meals a day. Not only that, I know that wasting food is not good because we are running low on the resources as population increases and more people need to eat than before.

Now, I realized its not only food but also things we use everyday. In fact it was heartbreaking to find out how it is harmful to our health as well. Like the idea of how breastfeeding, the most sacred and natural way of feeding a child, can be unhealthy. At the same time, this video expanded on the idea of how it can also be bad for us mentally. Like how the media and fashion and technology is closely linked. Therefore, people’s goal is to purchase new things as the trend changes, which means they would work all day to make money to buy new things. Furthermore, because people work all day, they would be tired and go home and watch television or go on the internet, which promotes the newest gadgets and trends. Eventually this creates a cycle of catching up with the media, working, and consuming. If this is the case, what is life exactly? Is it all just about materialistic goods? How healthy is this for the body and soul? How exactly can we help to stop this cycle?

fashion media

Two interesting points that I thought the video brought up were planned obsolescence and perceived obsolescence. It is crazy to think about how the things we purchase are not durable or even if they are durable new versions of the things we purchase are created not too long after the previous is brought into the market so then corporations can make more money.

As I watched video, one thing that I kept thinking about was what will happen to the upcoming future generations. What kind of world would they be living in? Would there be any more natural resources or is everything going to be technological based? How would they survive? Would their bodies be immune to toxins one day or would they all be relying on medication to survive one day? Would consumption be their number one priority? Would humanity still exist?


I am glad that I watched this video and I don’t think I would really know about this if it weren’t for the advancement of media (youtube) and technology (computers). At the same time, if technology and media never advanced, maybe we would not be having such problems.