This post is in response to krizz227’s “Don’t Wake Me Up… I’m Texting!”

Once in awhile, I do have a couple of sleep texting incidents and I actually do not recall texting in the middle of the night. I would wake up looking at my text history to find out that I did text my friend and sometimes the texts don’t really make sense. So yes, it does happen.

sleep text

Before I watched the Youtube video on this post, I had no idea how sleep texting or waking up to phone vibrations can be bad for our health because it interrupts our sleeping cycle. Now to diverge a bit on this topic of sleep texting,  I really feel that technology can be bad for our healthy mentally and emotionally. Mentally before because we are always attached to our phones or gadgets and we don’t socialize in person as much. Now with phones going off at night, it is bad for our sleep, which can lead to a lot of healthy issues. Would the future generation not be as healthy as how people were before?

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Sometimes it is scary to think what would happen. At the same time though, part of me tries to look at the pros and cons of technology. Yes, it makes communication much more convenient but people can take each other for granted this way. We can isolate ourselves because of technology but at the same time it promotes globalization. We get distracted with all these new gadgets but they can also be a powerful aid or resource.

It is interesting to see how much things can change. But would it be for the better of humanity? Sometimes, it is a matter of one’s approach. Having a phone is a necessity now. However, phone vibrating in the middle of the night is bad for us, but as the video did mention, you can change the setting on the phone to airplane mode. People can isolate with technology but perhaps they learn about other people’s interest by engaging in the social media instead of playing games. Also, if teachers are afraid that students are bored of their material, perhaps use a different type of media, such as videos and podcasts, to maintain their attention and assign projects more creative based. We just need to learn to balance this off so we can get of both worlds.

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