Obsessive texters are beginning to develop a new sleep disorder that is associated with their cell phones. It is called parasomnia, and it is a sleeping disorder where young adults hear their text tone go off when they are sleeping and they respond to the text while they are still asleep. Their messages usually consist of gibberish and do not make sense, and the comical part about this is that they do not remember anything about their unconscious texting activity when they wake up. I even read an article, which I found hilarious, about how a pre-med student has to wear mittens when she sleeps so that her phone would not be able to register her touch while she is sleep-texting, because the mittens would omit her phone from detecting any body heat, which would prevent her from sending a message.

dont text and sleep

While researching this topic,  I came across an article about a nursing professor who discovered that one of her students was suffering from this sleep disorder, and decided to create a study to understand. Her conclusions were that out of 300 students 25% to 35% of them sent text messages while they were asleep, and more than 50% of the students admitted that their phone or some other type of technical device had interfered with their sleep in some way. These conclusions are  hard for me to grasp, because as soon as my head hits the pillow, the kool-aid man could burst through my wall and I would not even twitch, and if you are the unfortunate soul who even attempts to wake me up, I just pray that you wear a full suit of body armor when you do. I am notorious for sleep-talking and having full conversations with people while asleep without any recollection of them in the morning, however, the possibility of me having an urge to text while asleep is slim-to-none. This advancing sleep disorder is solely evidence of how attached some people become to their cell phones; it becomes their life-line, which personally I find to be utterly ridiculous.



Have we all become so dependent on texting as our primary method of communication? I feel like this is a fifty-fifty argument, because there are some people who basically have their cell phone surgically attached to their hand, and then there are people who do not even know the location of their phone 75% of the time, and have accidentally kept their phones on vibrate and find it 5 hours later with 6 missed calls and 27 new messages. This obsession is not restricted to my generation, if anything a majority of our parent’s generation is just as obsessed, if not more so, with the faux sense of communication and sociability that a cell phone provides. Since more mature adults have a tendency to be lighter sleepers, as well as depending on their level of attachment to technology, it is plausible that they are even more susceptible of developing this sleep-disorder than us college students.

I find this topic to be extremely intriguing. If anyone who is reading this has had an experience with sleep-texting, I would appreciate it if you are willing to share your experience to fulfill my own personal intrigue.