Exploring curiosity through the Internet can take us places we would never expect to be. The Internet can be an even more powerful travel guide than an actual travel guide itself. We can find so much information about a destination of interest; its history, tourist attractions, cuisine, unknown facts, music, entertainment, you name it. All this information in their hands can give a potential tourist an idea of what the place is like (might not be totally accurate but still an idea). Now, it is their decision whether or not they want to be a part of that experience because that decision could be the beginning of a new adventure.

Travelling the World

You can do a simple Google search of a location that intrigues you. For example, you can type something like Prague (a popular city in Czech Republic) and go to Google Images and find beautiful pictures of architecture, art, and bridges. Have you ever heard of Charles Bridge (I found about it on Google Images)? When I searched it, I found out that it is a famous historic bridge that crosses the Vltava river and also a popular tourist attraction in Prague. Before I looked it up on the Internet, I never heard of Charles Bridge, or Prague, or now the Vltava River. If I wanted to, not only can I consider visiting Charles Bridge but also seeing the Vltava River. The Internet is like a chain reaction; you look for one thing then you find something else and so on. Sometimes you end up finding more than you could have ever imagined. With all this information in your hands, you could develop a profound impression of a location is like. At that point, if you like what you have found, you can have a deep desire to visit that location. Also with amazing photographs of these locations all over the web, I feel almost as if I have to go to these locations to experience and learn something new. With the constant evolution of the Internet, we can find a plethora of information when it comes to traveling to a new place. We could be inspired, like the Internet, to go through our own evolution as human beings and understand various aspects of humanity, art, culture, and society all over the world.

Vltava River