When we were first presented with the video essay project, I rejoiced at the opportunity.  I always wanted to make some sort of web video that was well put together and thought out with my friends, but it never actually happened.  This project gave me the opportunity to do what my friends and I had been waiting to do.  The one idea we always thought about doing was a Call Me Maybe parody.  However, working by myself, I felt that a dance parody wouldn’t be quite as fun and wouldn’t have too much to do with the class.


Instead, I went to the drawing board and brainstormed long and hard on which topic I really wanted to do.  I actually reverted back to the pen and paper (since everything else about the class has been online) and wrote out all of the ideas that I could possibly think of making a video about.  When I had a sufficient list of about 25 pretty much unrelated ideas, I took a look at my handy work.  I tried to narrow down my ideas by if the topic could be conceptualized into an essay format, having the beginning, middle, and end.  This crossed quite a few of my ideas off the list.  After this, I talked to a few of my friends about it, talked to my Dad about it, and thought about it myself (I try not to talk to myself).  Overall, it may have taken me two classes to actually choose (I’m an indecisive person too) but I was happy with my choice.  Unfortunately however,  I felt like I was behind all of the other groups.

I finally decided to do my project on Kevin Hart, mainly because he’s an up-and-coming star.  He also uses Twitter and videos etc. which seemed to relate him (overall as a topic) to the class- at least better than the Call Me Maybe idea.


The next step in brainstorming was to choose what about Kevin Hart that I wanted to cover in my video essay.  Again, I went to the drawing board.  This was a bit easier to come up with because I didn’t have a list of unrelated topics to choose from (like the list I had made when I picked Kevin Hart as my overall topic) and they all had a common theme.  The main way I came up with the theme was by choosing a title that I felt captured some sort of progression in his life.  Being that the video essay, as an essay, should have a beginning, middle, and end I felt that showing a progression would fulfill the ‘essay’ part of the video essay.  As a result, I chose to cover his career which had a lot of video clips available to choose from in addition to an awesome narrator (myself) talking during the pictures.

Chose to cover Kevin Hart's career for video essay

Chose to cover Kevin Hart’s career for video essay