Technology and social media seem to be everywhere nowadays.  They continue to have a larger presence on our lives.  However, I feel like the companies which use the technology and our society overall are forgetting about people who don’t have the luxury of using those technologies.

Recession brought all sorts of people into lower class

Recession brought all sorts of people into lower class

From the lifestyle of my friends and I, being on the phone constantly is merely the norm in today’s society.  But I feel like a large chunk of people is being forgotten about in this norm.  The ones without smartphones, without laptops, limited television usage, the lower class.  As the recession hit us, more and more people dropped down into the lower class, but technology kept moving forward.  Having less money to buy better technology is a bad pattern which affected all too many Americans.

I guess this picture is already outdated- where are the smartphones?

I guess this picture is already outdated- where are the smartphones?

I guess this issue isn’t really about the lower class as much as it is about the norms of our society and where we get them from.  I watched this video in an ethics class during high school which showed how strong of a grip corporations have on the government.  I will try to see if I can find the video, right now I am not having any luck.

Anyway, the video shows how corporations have gained control over literally every aspect of our lives pretty much without us realizing it.  First and for most, they fund the government for whatever would benefit their corporations the most.  As a result, the government tries to keep the corporations happy to get more donations, giving the corporations an iron grip on the government.  Every other piece of control corporations have on us mostly comes from their power over the government.  The video would really help right now so I wouldn’t have to say just the few pieces I remember.  I won’t do the video justice by explaining it in my own words but hey I’m still getting the message out there.


One piece that sticks out is what corporations do on their commercials.  Commercials usually try to appeal to four things: sex, hunger, humor, and fear.  Through these levels, the commercials try to tell us that we are not good enough and we need to get better things- they are all for materialism.  Consequently, we get a job so we can get the better stuff and then when we watch tv again (or advertisements anywhere) we are encouraged to get even more, better things.  The cycle goes on and on, and breaks the hard working individual down to encourage them to buy more things from the corporation.


How do the commercials relate to my initial statement about the lower class?  Corporations are now making the norm that everyone has social media and the newest technologies, so if you are holding on to an old computer or phone you are out of place.  They encourage spending to get the newest things which is contrary to how society used to be.  People used to pride themselves on frugality.  Like my grandma for example.  She uses a coupon for everything and buys things at prices I rarely ever see.  By making frugality seem against the norm, corporations urge the consumers to buy the newest things- even if they don’t have the money- like our struggling lower class throughout the recession.

Found the link to the video!