I remember my freshmen year in high school we read an article about technology that could make choosing your baby’s genes possible. Can you imagine a future where you can choose your child’s genes? This is an extremely controversial topic in the world and I am against it completely. It is mind blowing to me that scientists are able to develop a technology that can make choosing a child’s genes even possible. They say that parents will be faced with the option of choosing traits for their babies within the next 25 years. As many of you may know choosing the gender of your child is now possible- however it is not guaranteed. As of now it is more low key and expensive and it requires in vitro fertilization. Rumors have it that when these “designer babies” are available parents will be able to choose traits from physical things such as hair and eye color, to hobbies, personality traits and even athletic abilities. I can only speak for myself when I say that I do not want to choose my children’s traits. It is weird, messed up, and goes against my beliefs.


Personally I think this is horrible because I believe that when you have a child you should leave the odds to nature. You will get the child that you were meant to have. If these designer babies become a popular thing than parents will soon be in competition to have the more perfect child. Perfection is something that does not and should not exist. Nobody in this world is perfect, and that is completely okay. Perfection is something that is not needed in this world- especially if it will spark a competition for both perfection and dominance. If every child is engineered to be perfect and rocket scientists than who will fulfill jobs like cashiers, or janitors, or any basic job? Everyone will be designing their children to have these amazing jobs and we will be left with millions of jobs that cannot be filled. Not only this but if a good amount of people design their kids to be professional athletes than the basic population will no longer value athletes or professional sports like they used to. Besides what if something goes wrong and they mess up and your child does not come out the way you wanted him or her? Do you blame yourself for choosing these traits or do you blame science for messing everything up? To me it seems like a sticky situation that the world is not ready to handle. I foresee a lot of drama and lawsuits that will shadow designer baby labs.


I only see one good outcome of designer babies- but this positive aspect also burdens us with many more downfalls. If a horrible illness runs in a family they will be able to mutate the genes so their children will not have these diseases. I think this is slightly beneficial because it can help to rid the world of many dangerous conditions and diseases. But at the same time being able to mutate genes means we will have a population that consists of all healthy and genetically modified people. Over population would than occur and people would probably not have the freedom to have as many kids as they want.  We would live in an overcrowded world and even more people would be unemployed. In addition, with this genetic modification would they rid the world of common sickness like the flu, or colds or really anything we need doctors for? Could they make our teeth perfect? Rid us of heart disease? If so we can say goodbye to the needs for doctors, dentists, orthodontists, cardiologists, or any other doctor really. The questions are endless and the future seems to be unpredictable so who really knows what will happen with the arrival of designer babies. All I can say is that to me it seems more of a curse than a blessing.


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