The group project is moving along smoothly. Starting out we jumped around to a lot of different topics, trying to combine all three members’ interests. While we struggled a bit at that point, once we were able to decide the project started to take form.

We decided on ‘How music brings people together in the technological age’, discussing how music has become more of a part of globalization than before with the prevalence of technology. Spreading music and musical styles and interests, the internet has enabled us to consume and share music at a rate and breadth of genre and region that has never been possible before.

I remember back when I was younger and interested in Japanese animation, I started to like the songs. I remember some other friends and adults wondering how it came to be that I liked them. Nowadays it wouldn’t be surprising to find teenagers that listen to music from multiple countries and backgrounds.

Our group has been working well together, and we’ve managed to stay on time with most of what we’re working on, so that we should be done the day before it’s due. One of the challenges we faced was the split of labor. While no one is complaining about how the work is split, it’s a constant balance to try and make sure that we all don’t have too much or not enough to do.

Communication has been important in our project as well. If we have ideas for how something in the video should play out, we voice them and then discuss it. Sometimes we decide to make the change or leave it the way it is, or do a different change that wasn’t thought of at first.

As we move closer to the deadline, I am feeling good about where we are and what we’ve accomplished, and I think everyone in my group is as well!