The way music is played today is very different from previous generations.  All the songs are online, you can download pretty much any song from youtube.  Also, there are programs like Spotify and Pandora which let you play almost any song that you want for free!  People rarely buy CD’s in stores anymore because there is little to no reason to.  Before the computer-age people would by albums (and before this records) of music.  I remember my dad telling me about his college roommate, who was a huge Springsteen fan.  When one of his new albums came out he just hung out in the room with one of his friends and listened through the entire album.  Now, we rarely listen through an entire album let along an entire song.  And now you can choose which songs you like, and only buy those ones- saving money in the process.  


The big loser in the digital age of music are the artists and their record companies.  Artists used to make more money off of releasing an album than going on tour.  Now, because of all of the ways around paying for the music, musicians on the whole make more off a tour.  In the process, ticket prices are jacked up, and the people putting the concert together are in turn payed less so the musician can get a sufficient pay day.

While the digital age may have hurt the gross income of the artist and record company, it has also brought about a huge spread of music.  With all of these programs out there, all you need is the Internet to find a song you like and share it with your friends.  In this way I believe digital technology has helped music more than it has hurt it.  The large spread of music allows for new exploration and discovery of genres and artists we may have not discovered on our own.  Also, the radio is now no longer the only means to get popular.  You can make your own radio station on so many different applications.  Therefore, music can be spread even easier.


The technology of our generation has also brought about many new additions to music.  One genre, dance/ electronic music, is ever evolving due to technology.  Disc jockeys no longer just choose the songs to play but use technology to creatively express themselves through other artists’ songs.  Playing around with others’ music is similar to the idea the NYU professor had about encouraging his students to cheat and steal on their projects.  The digital age has also given birth to the playlist.  Playlists allow us to be our own DJs and choose whichever songs we want to play.  

Technology has given rise to DJs like David Guetta

Technology has given rise to DJs like David Guetta