This video essay project is probably the one of the few projects in college where I feel that I am learning something. To start of with, I am glad I am working with my group mates because they both contributed a lot with ideas and we communicated well. The brainstorming part of the project was the hardest. We were allowed to do anything we liked which made it much more difficult. However, when we narrowed down to the topics, we just went with it. We were interested in music and human relationships. So we thought of how music can affect human relationships and we realized that it can bring people together. Soon enough we found a couple of youtube videos. However, we had no idea in what direction we are going in; so we just started with the backbone of the video essay on iMovie. As we worked on this project, we came up with the idea of how music brings people together in the past and in the present day.


Working on this project made me feel that I can be creative as I want. I can choose whatever clips I want and I can play them however long as I want. I can choose when to play music and which parts to clips to match it up with. There is so much I can play with and I find this really interesting. Not only that, but I can do my own voiceovers. I always thought that making videos would be difficult and that I can’t ever do them, but I realized that patience and willingness to learn is key. You need to be very diligent with editing and make a lot of mistakes in order to make it perfect (not saying our project is perfect but there are definitely improvements from our first project that we shared in class and this).


So, I definitely enjoyed this experience and can’t wait to see how our final version of the project will turn out.