Traditional games that people would play would usually be cards or board games, but these days technology is also bringing in games that bring people together. I have noticed that particularly with Tap-Tap Revenge and Heads Up!, both games featured on the iPhone. I remember about three years ago, Tap-Tap Revolution was a huge craze. My family is part of this huge group of family friends, and when we would all meet up, I would remember the kids often playing this particular game. They would play this game with such excitement. It was entertaining not only to see the game but also their personalities shine while playing. It is amazing how people can form long lasting bonds while playing these games.

Yesterday, after a long time, my family and I went to a party where I met the huge group of family friends. While I was with the youth of the group, they were having a lot of fun. All I heard was laughter and pure joy, and that laughter and pure joy was elevated when they played the iPhone game Heads Up! In Heads Up!, the player can pick a category like movies, celebrities, and music. When the player holds the iPhone up to his/her forehead with the screen showing the word, the other players shout clues at the player so he/she can guess the word. After the player guesses it correctly, the player puts the phone down and hands it to the next player before time runs out. The kids were really getting into the game, and some of them were using humor when shouting out clues to the original player. It was really fun watching them let their personalities shine. They have become a part of a technological revolution; a generation that can use technology to their advantage to create long lasting memories. Don’t get me wrong. They are not hypnotized by the iPhone. Instead of letting the digital games control them, they used their wit and creativity to create a new source of entertainment within their group.

tap tap revenge                   Heads Up!