I remember in my English class during my Senior Year of high school we had to write about an issue in the world and a creative way to change it. I wrote about the overwhelming demand for gasoline and what would happen if we ran out and could no longer fuel our cars. Well with my imagination I came up with using animals as transportation. I know it was slightly unrealistic but it was just an idea. After seeing all of the innovative ideas that have been created for cars I no longer have to worry about the “what ifs” with gasoline shortages. When I was very young my grandmother had an old powder blue car that had no seatbelts or airbags. Dangerous, I know. But a long time ago no cars had airbags or seat belts. It is insane to think that at one point or another we did not have to have the safety requirements that we have today. In this aspect technology incorporated into cars is one of the most beneficial things we could possibly have. They have high-tech studios where they put crash dummies into cars and do a whole bunch of different tests to see how safe the car is. This also helps them to determine what they need to change about a car and see if they have an appropriate amount of air bags in the car.


Now many cars also offer new models of cars that have “technology packages.” These technology packages can include a wide array of things. They can have navigation systems, XM radios, back up cameras, blind spot sensors, and some cars can even parallel park themselves! In my Mom’s 2009 Acura TL she has a “Siri” type assistant. She presses a button and the voice asks her what she would like help with. From there she can adjust the air or heat, ask for directions somewhere, change the radio station, make a phone call, answer her phone and much much more.  I think aspects like this are very important to have in cars. Some people may argue that they are made to aid lazy people but I believe it is just an extra measure of security. I feel a lot safer knowing that my mom only has to press a button and say “call Bianca” to call me rather than fumble with her phone and be distracted while trying to call me. Anything that assists you in not using your phone while driving helps to make your life more safe. I would rather spend the extra couple of thousand dollars on a technology package and feel safer than have distractions like fumbling with my dashboard because let’s be honest, who pulls over to adjust their air conditioning. As technology with cars continues to grow we have to appreciate the efforts that scientists put into making our lives safer.


Technology is such a crucial aspect in cars. Without the technology that exists we would be going nowhere. Because of technology we were able to create safer car structures, airbags, seat belts, engines and tires. With our growing technology we are also able to create more fuel efficient cars. Hybrid models are becoming more and more popular as times go on. Same goes for electronic cars, it is still hard for me to believe that you can plug your car in to charge it! How cool is that? Imagine a future with all electronic cars where gasoline is almost obsolete. I am so excited to see what our future with vehicles holds, one day will we all have fuel efficient cars? Almost every make of car has at least one hybrid model and they seem to do very well. Scientists think of everything that they could possible put into cars in order to make us safe. Honestly nobody knows what the future of cars is but with what I see so far I feel very safe and secure that we will be in good hands.