I got my first cell phone in sixth grade. It was a simple flip phone and one of the most up to date aspects of it was its color camera. After that phone I got the “hip” pink razr, than the original V phone which flipped and had a full keyboard. I called it the brick because it literally looked like a brick. After I had the touch screen voyager which also flipped and had a full keyboard, than I had the HTC droid incredible and now I have the iPhone 4S. Cell phones have changed a great deal in the last twenty years. When the first cell phone came out it was huge, literally. As time has progressed the size of cell phones have gotten smaller and smaller. AT&T used to be the only service provider but as time as progressed there are more and more service providers. Although some do better than others it is still a huge competition to see who can get more customers. The type of service a provider has is important- but most people care about what phones they carry. Once AT&T signed with the original iPhone it was a race to see who the next provider to get it would be. Cell phones make so many things possible. I will cover both the positives and negatives.

Evolution of cell phones

Evolution of cell phones

It is amazing how modern cell phones have revolutionized our lives. In our hand we hold the power to contact anybody anywhere, we can surf the web, check out the newest music, download apps and tons of other cool things. With new features on our phones like “Siri” we are able to do almost anything our phones by voice. Are we lazy? Definitely. We would not be lazy if it were not for this technology though. These shortcuts also help make our lives easier when we are on the run. In a hurry to get to work because you are running late? Not a problem, ask Siri to text your boss and say that you will be a little late, or set a reminder when you leave the house to call your boss. It is crazy what cell phones are capable of. The even crazier thing is how much they are still improving on cell phones. Even the little sensory things that most people overlook, as some of you may phone iPhone is coming out with the newest ios 7 update this fall. You can check out the video below.

“There is an app for that” is an extremely common phrase that almost everyone has heard. Most new phones have their own app store where you can purchase or download free apps. They literally have apps for almost anything: they have games, books, dictionaries, puzzles. You name it and the app store most likely has it. These huge app stores are both beneficial and dangerous. They are beneficial because they can help to teach people certain things. It is also an easier way to keep things organized. Let’s say you have a cookbook app, you can look up recipes with just a couple of taps of your finger. All of these apps are also useful to entertain people when they are bored, the bookstore app is useful if you really like to read- this way you don’t have to lug your book around anymore because you always have it at your fingertips. These app stores can be dangerous because they can offer useless or inappropriate apps. Also it is a very good way to distract people when they have work, homework or class to go to.  All in all I am amazed at how much cell phones have changed in the past twenty years and I cannot wait to see where it takes us in the future.