The Internet has become a very powerful tool over the past 10 years. We can find out so many things that we probably would have never heard of otherwise, such as music, artists, inspiring stories, culture, etc. I am not trying to promote the Internet because I do understand the cons of using it, but I do have to admit that I find out about some really cool things on it. Over half of the music I listen to is of artists that I found out about on YouTube that barely anyone has ever heard of. Ever heard of “Lay on the Bonnet” by David Stewart? I think because of my interest for underrated music and YouTube, I was able to find some really awesome tracks. Some of the tracks I found are so awe-inspiring. I have never heard of these songs on TV and radio before. It just makes me feel like, “Why haven’t I listened to this before?” When I listen to them, it takes me to another world. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still listen and love a lot of popular music of today, but I have also been introduced to more chill, house, electric, and indie styles of music which are very soothing and innovative.


arabian peninusula mountains

Not only have I discovered awesome music, but I also found out some really unbelievable things about culture and architecture. While I was coming back from my trip to India, I flew in Qatar Airways, so I had to stop in Qatar. From Qatar to New York, I sat in the window seat and was able to see what was below the plane. For the large part of the trip back home, I flew over the Arabian Peninsula. While I was flying over the Arabian Peninsula, I saw some of the most beautiful mountains and landscape. The landscape looked very dry and picturesque. When I came back home, I was so fascinated by them that I decided to do a Google search for Arabian Peninsula Mountains. While I was scrolling down the Images section, I stumbled on something that was truly revolutionary. These images were of mountains in the Arabian Peninsula that had houses carved in them. Built over thousands of years ago, these structures were unknown during the time they were built and were discovered very recently. How was this possible? Homes carved in the mountains?? Looking at the pictures and just the thought of it amazes me. I would have never though about that if it were not for these pictures. It made me realize just how big our world is, a big world with very mysterious, unknown art.

Another mountain home

Homes Carved in Mountains