Back when my parents were younger, in order to be a famous singer you actually had to be talented. You had to have a good voice and songs with meaningful lyrics. Now you turn on the popular radio stations and you hear songs that are about drinking, partying and doing drugs. My personal favorite is “bubble butt” who would have thought that a song that says “bubble butt” about one hundred times could make it onto the radio and top charts across the country? It is crazy how music has changed over the past generations. Sure there are still great singers that are talented but it seems like you do not need talent to flourish in the music industry. All you need is money or catchy lyrics and you can be a one hit wonder. It interests me how a talent that limited people possessed is now able to be achieved by almost anyone. This would not be able to be achieved without the technology that exists today.  Many artists heavily edit their voices to make them sound better; sure it means they sell more copies of their albums but then when you go to see a live performance you cannot help but think “wow they are really horrible live.”


A few years ago the artist T-Pain started to “auto tune” his voice for his music. For auto tuning you can pretty much talk and it ends up sounding like a musical tune with unrealistic pitch fluctuations. I am no music buff but I think auto tuning is a pathetic way to turn people who wish they could sing into singers.  Do not get me wrong auto tune can be a useful tool to some performers. I believe it works especially well for rappers; in most of their songs they speak so auto tune gives them an interesting twist on their voice. Many reality television stars use this auto tuning to make a hit single and make money for doing nothing but being rich. This is especially true with women from the “Real Housewives” series on the Bravo television network. I love the Real Housewives because it is full of drama and I find it to be extremely entertaining. I find it funny how suddenly they come out with an auto tuned song and start speaking out about how they have “sung their whole lives” and how it has “always been a passion.” While if they have been singers their whole lives I must be Britney Spears.  Here is a prime example of the reality stars passion for music. Countess Luann has almost one million views one her single “Money Can’t Buy You Class” in her case money cannot buy her a singing voice either. If you have not heard this song I have imbedded it below for your entertainment. She sings about how “money can’t buy you class” as she rolls around a bed with five men, this my friends, is the definition of class according to Countess Luann.

Music sharing websites like YouTube and Sound Cloud help aspiring artists to share their songs in hopes of getting famous. Ever heard of “Friday” by Rebecca Black or “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen? Both of these “stars” posted their songs on YouTube and they went viral very quickly. Jepsen’s official music video was posted on March 1, 2012 since it has been posted it has just under 480 million views. Can you believe that a music video that is 3 minutes and 20 seconds long has that many views? And the song is about a girl trying to get a boy’s phone number. Jepsen has come out with several songs since “Call Me Maybe” but none have been as successful. But why should she care? She topped the charts for quite some time with her catchy song. I can’t deny the fact that I jammed to it for quite some time last year. There are some success stories. Justin Bieber started out on YouTube and once he was discovered he was the newest sensation. He still is a huge sensation, millions of people have caught Bieber Fever and are officially known as Beliebers. In Bieber’s case he is an actual artist who has been very successful through his looks and talents. Without YouTube we may not have artists like Bieber.