"Outdated School Curriculum"

Reading the post, I saw that the writer made some very good points. For example, schools have been using the same curriculum for every grade for years now. I remember when my younger brother came home with books that he was required to read in english class and asked me have I read these books. I told him of course that they always use the same books for each grade. The books he was required to read were “Catcher in the Rye” , “Animal Farm” and some other book I can’t seem to remember. Thus, brings up another good point the writer raised. These books that we read, what was the purpose? I am now in my second year of college and I can’t even remember what I read in high school and the ones I do remember I can’t really explain the summary of the books. What a waste of memory storage, right?

Its like schools are adamant against changing their curriculum whether its intentionally or not. Also, this is hurting high school graduates who intend on attending college. Majority of freshmen students in colleges today are very unprepared and become overwhelmed with the mass of information they receive. Then they may have to take classes that are for “beginners” to catch up which is a waste of time and money. So many parents complain today that schools are not preparing their children for college. So the burden falls on parents because if they have the money they may have to enroll their children into extra classes in order for them to be somewhat prepared when they enter college. So why not schools update their curriculum? For myself, I attended private school until seventh grade and then transferred into a public school. Luckily, both schools I attended were very good and prepared me for high school. However, when I moved from New York to New Jersey I attended high school here from 10th grade and everything seemed so easy even too easy compared to when I attended school in Ny. To be honest I don’t even remember studying for a school exam or state exam when I moved here but I was still getting As and was an honor student and took a honor class. I must say though when I took a honor class and felt the change and it seemed more difficult now because I was so used to not trying in all my other classes. Furthermore, when I entered Rutgers University I felt as if I didn’t belong in my freshmen year. It was so much more rigorous and not a walk in a park like I thought but I learned to rid of my unrealistic studying habits and adapted somewhat. So I am sure many students like myself are out there with this scenario.

Unfortunately, the unspoken fact is wealthier neighborhoods have schools that do fully prepare students for college while wretched neighborhoods don’t due to the fact they don’t have the resources (MONEY) to do so. However, I must say coming from someone who was born in Brooklyn; the schools are not as bad as it seems. In fact some schools where I’m from have really good programs for students who excel in school but the only issue is the influence of the environment which masks the good things the school has. Although, it is somewhat true that schools curriculum are outdated it is needed and adding fields in creativity will not solve the issue. Yes, some schools need to change their curriculum but people today have this idea that school is not really a necessity anymore. The reason behind this is that today we see people becoming rich famous over music and social networking but not everyone is going to become rich and famous. If everyone is focusing on becoming “creative” who is going to fill the jobs of doctors, lawyers, and teachers. We all can’t be focused on one idea; it will cause even more damage to our economy and society because while people are aiming to become rich and famous from being creative there will be a wider more distinct gap between rich and poor. People who are rich will aim to maintain their status while the poor become hopeless. So while adding fields of creativity is a good idea we must all know that there are always other options. I fully encourage being familiar with other creative fields but also we can use it to apply to other fields. Aforementioned we can only do this if schools change their curriculum.