I am a sarcastic person, naturally. The problem with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and even texting is that you can’t always hold the ability to read a person’s true mood. SOMETIMES WHEN SOMETHING IS REALLY FUNNY I TYPE IN CAPITAL LETTERS..when I’m annoyed I keep my comments short. Real short. Cool. Alright. Nice. What happens when I talk to someone, trying to make a joke, and they think I am yelling at them? What happens if I say “cool” and someone thinks it means I am mad, when in reality, I really think its cool? Without truly knowing a person and their true personality traits, it could be really misleading. The best way to get to now a person is face to face, and by spending time together, but that has become a lost art. In an attempt to aid in this effort, the iPhone has added something called an emoji to the texting world, and it can aid in the ability to convey a person’s true emotion.


Not only has social networking physically disconnected us as humans, but mentally, in some ways, it has as well. What happened to the hand written letters that you read about in old stories. When your significant other could call the house between 6-8, and you would have to whisper and be careful your parents didn’t pick up the line and ease drop. The first time a person said “I love you,” it would be face to face, where they could watch the blood rush to your cheeks as you filled with emotion. The simplicity in human interactions are gone. You could spend all day texting a person, but it won’t give you the satisfaction of hearing their voice, or seeing them light up when they laugh. Some people make their relationships official with use of electronics, and some even end their relationship by using technology as a wall in which they cower behind. Take it from me, someone who spent a year and a half with someone, and still doesn’t understand why he couldn’t just say “its over” without the aid of his phone. No, he didn’t call…. he sent a text. Many relationships have been affected by the wall that technology puts up between them. It is pretty often that you hear about fights or arguments, sometime even ones that were egged on by a tweet or something that was posted on twitter.

TextingWhat I find humorous, is that when a person has a relationship related question, they won’t turn to their significant other to learn about how to handle it. They will turn to the internet, do some research, and expect to have figured it out. Women aren’t robots, and one size certainly does not fit all. I fear that we as a society are losing the ability to really connect with each other. How can you really grow to learn about a person, if you don’t spend any time with them? When I was home on medical leave, people texted me, emailed me, and connected to me through media, however, I felt extremely distanced from everyone around me. The only real satisfaction I gained was when someone would come over to visit me in person. Social networking, while connecting us all unlimitedly, has in fact disconnected us in the worst way possible.