Yesterday in class, we watched “People of Walmart – Music Video” by Jessica Frech. After watching the video, I think we were asked what differences would there be if it was written in an article instead of being in a video like this. Well, for one, reading is very different from visualizing. It makes me think about when people say how a book is different from the film produced. When we read, we are forced to use our imagination: we would try to picture the setting, people, and how people talk or react. However, when we see a film or video, we do not need to imagine anymore. It is given to us; it is what it is. Visual media to me can be seen as giving us a fact while reading can give us some room to create the ideas that are written out.

Honestly, I don’t think I have ever been so disgusted by anything shown in class before. (Sorry Professor) Maybe if I was to be reading it in an article, I would think: “Okay, this would be believable. People sometimes like to be different from what the norm calls for. So maybe wearing a bra or bringing a pet goat to Walmart can be believable.” However though, when I was watching this video, I was definitely not thinking that. I was thinking to myself: “Wow. I would have never imagined people going to Walmart like that.” Through this video, I was able to visualize the reality of it rather than just imagining what people would look as I am reading about it.

Another point about the difference between reading an article and watching a video would be that in a video, there are sound effects. Again, in the “People of Walmart” video, the lyrics of the song amplified the level of disgust for me. Like at 1:33, it showed a man in squat position. At the same time, his pink thong that he was wearing was exposed as his pants were dropping. Then the lyrics to this part were “Butt Floss.” To me, the scene itself is unappealing, but with the additional “Butt Floss” made it even more disgusting. Sound effects or music in a video or film can make huge difference for people’s emotions. Like in a scary movie, if it was muted, the movie might not be as scary as it seems because people can not hear what is going on exactly other than seeing lights flickering which can mean anything.

I feel that both films and video can help give people concrete facts about something. At the same time, some things can be exaggerated more than it has to be like in the Walmart video. Reading, on the other hand, can give people more of a leeway to picturing the situation but different people may interpret the setting in many different ways.