From reading the two articles and watching the video it seemed to me there were two opposing perspectives. One side was the teachers who experimented with allowing laptops and other gadgets in classrooms while the other was “experts” who encouraged computer usage and this concept of innovation. As for myself I became more swayed towards this concept of innovation. Innovation is this idea of newness applied to a certain idea or concept. It’s being creative in making something new.  So of course this concept applies to technology of today. The big issue is whether or not our vast technologies should have a place in our classrooms.

Sitting in a lecture hall without a doubt you will encounter up to 90% of students using a smart phone, laptop, iPad, or tablet. You will also find that most of these students are texting, emailing, using facebook or twitter, or surfing the web.  Furthermore, if the professors are lenient enough to allow them to use these devices, most of these students will be receiving a C or less and maybe one or two Bs. However, if professors prohibit use of their devices the grade improvements are not so significantly high. So how do we solve this issue? Experts in the field of computer science believe there should be more courses that involve the use of computers like computer coding or incorporating computer use in their curriculum. The reason behind this is that we are like the tech generation and supposedly we are way past the traditional techniques of teaching. I agree. Today we are already seeing jobs being replaced by software programs and machines. Through our generation, we can use our tech experience to create jobs that have never been created and this is where innovation occurs. Erica Swallow states that we have become a consumer economy buying things we don’t need and spending money we don’t have and it is time for us to transition into an innovation driven economy.  I agree partially with this statement. An innovation driven economy is only possible through our generation and denying us the ability to use our tech skills in the classroom is not moving in the right direction.

Although I have said I agreed with this idea I also don’t agree with the idea that the things we learn in class will not be needed anymore. Erica Swallow lists these core competencies high school children need to master before leaving and one of them was critical thinking and problem solving. However, she believes in the concept of innovation and the idea that students shouldn’t be so focused on their gpas and afraid to fail rather learn that F is the new A. I thought this was completely ridiculous. She basically had these guidelines as a new set of norms for our society which is misguiding. We cannot blame technology for our inadequacies in school and then say well computers and technology is what is in “vogue” so school education is not really a necessity anymore. Education is a necessity you can learn things from the computer and Internet and may somehow create this new software program that makes you a millionaire. But without some sense of education do you think you can maintain the money you made? We see so many cases today where multi-millionaires become penniless after a couple of years and I guarantee most of these individuals do not have a college degree.  Yes, its true majority of us buy what we don’t need but an innovation driven economy is not going to change this habit. We are always not satisfied because we are humans its part of our nature. Also going back to what Swallow said about having the characteristic of critical thinking and problem solving; we only gain this ability in school or some sort of learning environment. Sitting down hours on the computer using facebook and texting is not helping us achieve this ability. As the old saying goes “too much of a good thing is bad.”

"Too Much of Technology"

“Too Much of Technology”