feature-2-chalkboardAccording to “Creating Innovators: Why America’s Education System is Obsolete”, Tony Wagner says that America’s ability to innovate is at risk due to its lackluster education system.  After I read that, I immediately understood what he meant because I have faced this issue during my years in grade school. Not that I did not have a good education, but many times in certain classes I did not feel encouraged to be passionate about something or to explore from the heart. It was just: here is the information, memorize it, pass the test/quiz, and pass the class. When I finished those classes, I wondered what the point of that class was because I do not feel significantly moved by it. They really did not help me evolve how I think or evolve as a student. Having articles and people raising these concerns are great because as I was reading some of the ideas in the article, I felt as if the writer was kind of reading my mind. I also kind of wanted to say “Thank You” to Tom Wagner and the writer of the article.

Mr. Wagner had a core set of skills that every student must master before the end of high school in his book  “The Global Achievement Gap“. One skill that really got my attention was “creativity and imagination”. I would be told to be creative but it was for projects for which I was expected to be creative. Some classes, I felt that I was told how to interpret the information I was given. Some teachers were not interested in any student’s opinion. That had become the case so many times that students would not even think of their classmates or even themselves presenting  innovate ideas towards the class topics. As an indirect result, some of these students were not open to various concepts and quirky ideas and ignorance increased. That probably played a role in why  some students were extremely separated from students that were “very different” from them. I agree with Mr. Wagner that being innovative is a collaborative project.

A year ago, I truly understood that you do not have be “special” or a “genius” to innovate. According to the video “What most schools don’t teach”, you also do not have to be a genius to code. I still do not really know what coding is but apparently it really involves common sense rather than complicated algorithms. When mastered, it is very empowering. I think it is considered to be empowering because it can change the world an help many people. When I heard that in the video, I thought that it was a pretty cool way to look at software. I do not think I would have ever thought of an idea like that, and I am an intended computer science major. I could look into this to evolve in my major; not only with my academics but my with creativity.coding-is-king

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