The Internet provides us with numerous services that complement our needs. However, some of these services are unnecessary or only provides something to do when you want to waste time. For example facebook, instagram, YouTube and twitter are well known sites for people who crave “entertainment.” These sites allow you to listen to music you like, connect with people you know or just share thoughts and photos. All these advantages there must be some disadvantages. Unsurprisingly, the most controversial issue is our privacy. We send emails, photos, videos and other things with the intent that if we ever decided to delete a photo or video it will be deleted permanently. However this is not the case.

Through Clay Shirky’s videos and the article by Kathy Gill we see the issues that arise through these sites. Unfortunately, everything we do in the Internet is in some way being archived. Every photo or video you post may be saved by someone else and shared among many other Internet users. Not only this, some sites like Instagram state somewhere in their privacy policy that every photo you post will be stored somewhere. My question to this was why is someone’s photo being stored somewhere even after they delete it. What is the purpose of storing these photos? I believe it’s not an invasion of privacy but it’s kind of violating our privacy. Another question raised is why is it okay for these sites to store our photos and in some cases use them for their own use or profit. If it’s okay for them to this then wouldn’t it be okay for Internet users to stream movies or download music for free. Yes, it’s true before creating an account with a site they ask you to agree to their terms of policy and if you didn’t agree you will be unable to create the account. But let’s be realistic here, who actually reads these policies before creating the account. Our minds are only focused on the services being provided.

Some people may not be bothered by this issue because they don’t post photos or videos on these sites. I believe this would be more of an issue with parents with children. Parents can monitor what their children do on the Internet but let’s face it there is always some way to get around it. So going back to these sites in my opinion all these social networking sites are just another way to set weak minded individuals up for failure especially children. I’m not saying children are dumb but we all were young and naive once we live for today and never think about tomorrow. So we are bound to make mistakes as children but some mistakes we cannot afford to make because it might hinder our future. So if all these sites have these softwares that are able to store a photo after it has been posted or deleted why can’t they make a program or software that will prevent children or adults from posting inappropriate photos or videos. I know one key factor, duh, money! But all the profit they make out of these children using their site I’m sure they can cough up some money to build such a program. I emphasis on children a lot because majority of these sites are targeted to children they are easily persuaded or quick to join the crowd so they make most of their profit from children. I believe regardless what the privacy policies may be if we don’t want our photos or videos stored somewhere unknown just don’t post it up and if you believe it will not hurt you in the future then why not post it up. All in all it’s just a matter of who you want to be and how you portray yourself.

"Instagram Photos Stored Somewhere"

“Instagram Photos Stored Somewhere”