Art has been a significant part of culture for many generations. Not only are artists able to express themselves through art but viewers are able to express themselves through the art they appreciate, their favorite artists and art that they collect. The problem with our appreciation of classic art today in the 21st century is that it cannot be as greatly appreciated as it once was, when these great artists of music, literature and paintings existed. In today’s society many things like television and video games are considered art. With this new media that is proven to be ultimately more engaging, society struggles to find classic works such as Picasso’s “Ma Jolie” entertaining due to new media. While things like television are a form of art, it is found to be not as sophisticated and more of entertainment that is thrown at you and leaves nothing to the imagination. Something fantastic about old works, is that they leave us wondering what the artist intended to do with their piece, and leaves the art community to discuss, trying to find the origin of the work, and the original thought of the artist. Television is just a form of art that helps people escape their lives for a little bit, it does not help engage them in anything and it is a mindless form of art.

As time passes, art slowly melts away

As time passes, art slowly melts away

If we were to lose our true arts the world would change drastically. The arts that are enjoyed by youths today are television shows, movies and music by artists that many would consider a joke. Although art has changed a lot in the past I think it might start to die out. Although some young children do have an appreciation for the arts many do not. As the younger generations begin to replace the older generations I feel that art will die out because it just will not have enough admirers to keep it popular. In “Living With a Computer” James Fallows says “For six months, I found it awkward to compose first drafts on the computer. Now I can hardly do it any other way.” Once people get used to doing something a certain way, they completely forget how they used to do it. We become so adjusted to using crutches in life and taking the easy way out that we can sometimes miss out on the most beautiful things. We choose reality television and video games about killing people because we want to escape our lives and not have to think too deeply about it. Art involves a more deep thought process and many people do not want to think deep enough.


Life in the now is very rushed and based around ease and simplicity. In The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction by Walter Benjamin he brings up how “the quality of its presence is always depreciated.” As time continues to pass and the new technological arts continue to fade out old forms of art the old art depreciates in emotional value. As this emotional value continues to depreciate people will begin to forget more forms of art and move on to more modern forms of art and technology. Why waste your time going to an art museum if you can just look up online and appreciate it just as much, and you can do all of this in the comfort of your own home! In Scott McCloud’s piece he says “After decades of mastering the technologies of pen, brush and mechanical reproduction, the advent of computer can only mean one thing to these artists…person obsolescence.” With the obsession around modern technology and its workings, artists are soon to be forgotten completely. One day artists will look back at their work and be so disappointed that it will never have a chance to be put on display and admired in a museum. In grade school children are not taught to admire the arts. From kindergarten to third grade I did have to take art class, but it was about students making little crafts, not learning to appreciate art. In primary school I also had to take a computer class, in which we made pictures digitally and learned how to work every program. No matter how you slice it you art seems like a dying past time that will not be able to be revived.