To me, art is an expression of feelings and ideas and the style of it does not matter as long as the artist is comfortable with it. Artworks by Van Gogh, Picasso, and Mozart are universal and classic. At the same time though, now in the 21st century, we have different types of tools and different medias to create and share artwork. In Walter Benjamin’s article, “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction,” he states, “From a photographic negative, for example, one can make any number of prints; to ask for the ‘authentic’ print makes no sense.” This statement makes me think about Youtube and people covering famous artist’s songs or music. Sometimes song covers can be different from the original. The cover artist would use different instruments to recreate the music or change some lyrics. My friends and I would stumble across some songs covers and we end up liking the song more than the original music. Yes, the original artist may not be as appreciated as much as the cover artist sometimes, however, this does not mean that the art is not significant anymore. It is just a shift in appreciation. In the end, they are the original artists and people know that they were the original composers or artists.

youtube cover

Scott McCloud’s comic “Through the Door: Digital Production,” explains the evolution of computer art. At one point, he mentions that there are three view points of this new art. Group 1 and 2 are the current generation of artists at the time that believed computer art would “expect the future to be quite so simple” while Group 3 would think “the future may not turn out quite as grim as they expect.” Group 3 being the “veteran artist of earlier generation” feel that they their art will not be appreciated as much. However, this can be seen with a different view point. Without their artwork to begin with, how would the next generation progress in the art world? People in the present learn from the past to create new art for the future. In fact, today people get inspirations from the past to create artwork. For instance, vintage style is currently popular in the fashion industry, photography, and designs.

vintage style me 1

With the different approaches towards art, it does not make a difference from classical and contemporary art. James Fallows author of “Living with a Computer” explains how he transitions into using computers from typewriters. He states: “You won’t catch me saying that my machine has made me a better writer, but I don’t think it has made me any worse. Since I now spend less time and energy retyping, I have more left over for editing and rewriting.” This idea of how technology does not necessarily make things better or worse can be applied to the idea of art created through computers or with extra tools. The art created with technology can have different effects added on or simply just be in a different style. This can just be viewed as a form of art and instead of classical art or art in general losing its meaning.

Computer Art Wallpaper 73

Overall, I think that there are many types of art. It is just a matter of preferences. Some people like classical while others are into contemporary. Regardless, we are all engaged with art.